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The Fields of Manassas

7431 Willoughby Lane

Manassas, VA 20109



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KSIscrewedme • Resident 2002 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/09/2007
I lived here for 4 years as a decent respectful tenant. The only thing I miss is the size of the apartment. I am a single mother of two children and this is not a safe place for children. My pre-teen daughter and some of her friends there were either sexually harassed, threatened, or beat-up. It got to the point that my child couldn't safely walk from the bus stop to the apt. without encountering some problem in this "------". The cops are always around...doesn't that say enough. I would sit on my balcony on a nice evening to relax and would witness drug deals with my own eyes. People sit outside and party at all hours, drink in public, and don't respect their neighbors. The management ripped me off by sticking me with a $400. move out tab in addition to keeping my security deposit. I lived there for 4 years..hello..normal wear and tear. I kept a fairly clean home...so I thought. They charged me for people to come and clean- $100. after I already spent the whole night cleaning before I left. They charged for every coat of paint, every blind, even undamaged ones, and a light bulb... come on. They will never see that money from me. They decided to jack up the rent $380. a month for Section 8 housing tenants so that the housing department would force all those tenants to move out due to the rent being over the payable limit. I'm pretty sure this is considered a violation of civil rights.."prejudiced." The utilities cost way to much too. This place sucks. If you enjoy friendly staff that screws you when you least expect it, loud neighbors that swear and cuss in public areas for children to hear, bullying children, sex offenders, drunks in public, strange drunk men throwing stones at your third floor balcony window to get your attention because they think you're sexy, peeping toms, domestic assaults, drug deals, and a very nice sized beautiful apt., then this is the place for you. Oh..I almost forgot... the hot water heater had a pipe that leaked slowly into my daughter's room that shared an adjoining wall. When we took notice to a musty smell in her room we pulled her bookcase away from the wall and found an extensive amount of mold growth on the wall and floor. We reported it right away and they came and painted over the mold, cut out the carpet padding underneath only, washed the carpet itself leaving the mold stains that didn't come out. The mold continued to grow in the walls of the bedroom and the hot water heater room and they refused there was a problem because they painted over it. haha..everyone knows you have to replace a wall if it soaks up water and becomes moldy..duh. And they had the balls to tell me if I wanted the carpet replaced I would have to pay for it- which includes paying for the whole apartment to be carpeted because they don't recarpet just one room. Two words: Health Hazard. KSI management should check out the CDC website for health guidelines not Donald Trump's guide for Dummies to making the most money you possiby can while screwing everyone over. Obviously, if you have read all of this you can see I am still holding a grudge and for good reason. For future and current tenants- make sure that you don't park your car in the spot directly in front of the stairway because the kids there enjoy running down the stairs and jumping directly onto the hood of your car to tackle one another. As they did to my car- leaving a huge human size dent to my hood. My family moved to Reston in an affordable apt., with utilities included for $1125. a month, much quieter and no ------... yay!
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The Fields of Manassas

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