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Westgate Apartments

8025 Ashland Avenue

Manassas, VA 20109



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leecil • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/03/2005
I took over a lease in Westgate for a 3BR townhouse. 3 bedrooms... but only one parking pass and one space per house. One of us always has to park out on the street... when there is parking.<br><br>Maintenence will come in to fix things after you call and request a few times... but they won't fix large obvious problems, like our screen door (literally...) falling off the hinges. There are cracks (large enough to stick a hand in) in the walls in our bathroom. Tiles have come off of the floor. The only maintenence they've done to the place was repainting our patio door... which did not need it.<br><br>The staff is courteous, but does not really have their information together. After we took over the lease, they forgot to file the information. We got a call two weeks later from the leasing office, begging us to consider a transfer to a new place so their paperwork oversight would not be noticed.<br><br>Every night, I can look out my front windows and see the parking lot full of police cruisers, lights flashing. The other residents are noisy. Every morning I can hear the units on both sides of me arguing, loudly. The parking lot is constantly full of gangs of children, running around without supervision. I have been stopped on the street by people trying to buy or sell drugs.<br><br>Westgate is okay to stay in while you're finding a new place, but I wouldn't recommend staying.
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Westgate Apartments

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