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Trophy Club Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/01/2007
We lived at Trophy Club for 2 yrs, and couldn't wait to get out!<br>1) We moved to Virginia from Idaho. We rented the apt. before leaving Idaho, so we'd know we had a home waiting for us in VA. After 23 hrs on the road, we arrived at Trophy Club, sat down with the manager and she said they couldn't rent to us! We had been told all was set. Now she's saying that their computer was down on that Friday before we left Idaho and couldn't complete the paperwork! The issue did get settled and we spent the night in their 'guest' apt, before moving in the following day. But, what a start to the relationship.<br>2) In our 1 bbrm/1 bath apt, the toilet broke on Friday evening, we called Maintenance, and left a msg. They never called back. A broken toilet in a 1 bathrm unit IS considered an emergency, per the lease. We had to fix it ourselves, and Maint. didn't call until the following Monday.<br>3) We switched units and in the new one there was a list of walk-through items to be fixed...I waited 12 days before bringing up the subject, the lengthy list had been 'lost'. They then fixed everything. <br>4) Annual fire extinguisher maintenance in each unit was done. They came and took the old one, but never brought back a refreshed unit. So we had no fire extinguisher in the apt. <br>5) We got a notice to vacate left on the door, due to $200 not having been paid on the deposit, this was after we'd lived there for about a year. It was an 'error', and the notice was 'waived'. But that was NOT a fun thing to come home too at the end of the day.<br>6) One summer day, we observed the Manager letting her Golden Retriever get wet in the pool, when no one else was around.<br>7) And to top it off...though this is only a partial list...going against the US Dept of Fish and Wildlife, management had 10 Canadian Geese 'disposed' of...baited with treated food, sedated, removed and destroyed because they said the droppings were toxic. They are not! I know...I checked with authorities. Of bigger concern you'd think the presence of 60 ducks would be a bigger problem than 10 geese! I was appalled at this action, and took steps to move out from that day forward. Canada geese are protected by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 and the Migratory Bird Conservation Act of 1929. I sincerely doubt that management had, on file, a letter from the USF&WS, giving them permission to deal with the geese in a lethal way.<br>8) Due to lack of parking at the office, residents were told to walk to the pool, instead of driving. Yet the staff, some of whom lived on site, drove to the office, parking in the spaces closest to the front door. <br>9) Lastly, the manager had very poor 'people' skills and was often short-tempered and testy, and on more than one occasion really did not seem to know what she was doing.<br>10) Large catfish were dying in the lakes on the property, and would sit for a week, washed up on shore...decaying, before Maintenance would remove the carcass. <br>On the plus side, the apt complex is in a nice area, and when we wanted to switch units, they let us without a big fuss. <br>However, Renter Beware...live somewhere, anywhere, but beware of pursuing a business relationship with this apt complex!<br>
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