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Abbington Landing

961 Marcus Drive

Newport News, VA 23602



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unsatisfied2002 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/12/2005
My husband and I were relocated by the military in June of this year. Upon looking at many apartments in the area we were pleasantly surprised when we took a tour of your Cloverleaf apartment town homes. The model and surrounding area seemed quite clean and up to date and not at all like the negative comments that we had read on Yahoo.com. After seeing the model we decided this would be a great community and a nice Town Home to relocate to. We signed our lease papers on June 27, 2005 and I must say that day has turned out to be quite regrettable. The leasing agent handed us our keys and apartment inspection report and sent us on our way. <br>As we walked into our new apartment I wanted to cry. It wasnt at all like the model! I didnt expect it to be all furnished but I did expect the walls, the kitchen cabinets and bathrooms to at least look as nice as the model and that was not at all the case. For starters it looked as if the old resident had moved out the day before we moved in because this apartment was pretty dirty. There was grease still on the kitchen cabinets, old potholders behind cabinet drawers and the kitchen counter was dirty. The cabinet door under the sink is hanging crooked as if no one could hang it level. The kitchen sink, or any of the sinks in the apartment did not have stoppers which we finally got from the apartment complex after I told them about that and the grease on the cabinets. The kitchen cabinets desperately need repainting. There were holes in the wall everywhere, large dents in the front door, stains on the ceiling, holes cut out the carpet in the closets. The mirrors, which by the way look like they were stolen from a hospital, have huge rust stains and are so dirty underneath that Im still scared to touch them, and there were staples sticking out of the molding on the staircase. These are all complaints that can be found on my inspection report. I wanted to cry. Being in the military, my husband and I have lived in many apartment complexes and this apartment in no way comes close to being as nice as any of the others. I should have paid more attention to the complaints I found on Yahoo.com. Well you would think that would be the end of our problems, not quite. On Friday night, Aug. 27, about five, I had a guest taking a shower upstairs and as I was sitting down stairs watching television I noticed a stream of water flowing from my ceiling. I had my husband call maintenance immediately. Well after the maintenance man called us back sounding irritated that we had a problem, he agreed that he could come look at it but not until 9pm. I have to give him a little credit; he did show up at 8pm instead. He basically said, Yes theres a leak and he would be back Monday to fix it. My husband took that Monday off of work to be at the apartment when the maintenance men showed up, unfortunately he didnt show up until 4pm and didnt even say, HI, when he came in, he just walked upstairs. Two days later there was a patched hole in my living room ceiling and my tub was fixed. They told us that someone would be back the next day to paint the patch in the ceiling. Cant say Ive seen that person or seen the patch get painted. In fact the patch now has large cracks in it. Im beginning to wonder if I should go buy some paint, do it my self and send you the bill. There is also a problem with the lighting in the master bedroom and = bath but I dont see the point in saying anything because I wouldnt want to annoy the maintenance workers or not get it fixed properly. So I would like to say that has been the end of my complaints, but its not. <br>My husband being on the military assistance program was supposed to have an automatic deduction from his pay for rent, when we noticed that it didnt happen on the first of this month we went and got a money order and paid our rent by the 5th so that there would be no problems. My husband then went to his military housing office and asked what the problem was. He was told that there was a letter that the apartment should have given him when he moved in to turn in to the housing office. We never got that letter. My husband went back to the apartment agent and got the letter and took it back to his housing office so the problem could be corrected. In the meantime, on Aug. 6th my husband receives a letter addressed to him stating that our rent is late. I was devastated. My husband went to the office and showed them our money order receipt to prove that we had paid rent. They suddenly found our rent and apologized for the mistake. Then on Aug 9th I receive a letter addressed to me saying my rent is late. I am up in arms at this point because I dont know where the miscommunication is. I took the letter up to the office on Aug. 10th to once again hear the computers are down and they dont know anything, theyll try to get back to me about it by Monday. Be assured Im not holding my breath on that on. I really have to ask, does anyone in this apartment office ever know what is going on?<br> Im having a baby in February and Im devastated that Im going to have to raise it in this apartment community until our lease is up. This apartment leaves much to be desired and is NOTHING like the model. The apartment agents are rarely helpful, though one did help us with our electricity problem once, and I hate to tell anyone I have a problem because the maintenance people always seem so irritated that they are being bothered. The apartment managers are rude and unhelpfull, they always have another number you should call for your problem and could care less if you are taken care of. I would hate to meet the people that would hire such managers.<br>I would think this community being owned by such a large corporate company as you would be maintained better. I already know I wont be renewing my lease next year and I will almost be sure to tell other people looking for a nice community, especially military families that they should keep looking because they might be as disappointed as we are. Our experience here so far can be summed up by frustration and incompetence.<br>
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Abbington Landing

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