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The Reserve at Deer Run



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/14/2007
Heatherwood used to be okay when i first moved in, but now it's went to hell. What I mean is that the neighbors used to be a lot of military, now it's just straight ------. The hallways are so small and there is so much loitering in the halls by a bunch of "I think i'm bad and know everything" type of young adults. They sit out there in the hallways usually during the warmer months and curse, smoke cigarettes and marajuana, stump up and down the steps and lay between their girlfriends legs and make out with them while me and my small kids are trying to enter our apartment. <br>The loitering in the hallways has gotten so bad that these young adults are leaning againts my door and damn near fall in when I open it! I have reported the problem to staff but nothing was done-not nothing. The smoke from their cigarettes and marajuana bothers me so bad that sometimes I have to watch tv in my room. They are so noisy I have to blast my tv to drown them out. Where in the hell are their parents? My kids are hearing their vulgar language-it's ridiculous.<br>The toilet constantly overflows and the plumbing is terrible and the bedrooms are cold in the winter. You have to turn the heat up higher-causing a high electric bill.The walls are paper thin-and I do mean paper thin. I can hear my neighbors having sex! <br>Don't move to Heatherwood, it's horrible. There are a few police officers who live there which pushes all the loitering to other buildings. And even with the police there, it still goes on. I have came out and said something to the actual kids and they are rude and disrespectful to their elders-no home training. Just ridiculous. Oh yeah, almost forgot, I can't even cut over on the grass or have my kids play on the grass because it's full of dog poop, and all of the dog owners think it's a sin to scoop poop. Just horrible.
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The Reserve at Deer Run

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