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Waverton Impressions

501 Coral Key

Newport News, VA 23606



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babibluchoclat • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/07/2005
for the amount that you pay in rent it is not worth the move.. the walls are thin, the pipes make noise, the water pressure is no good, the parking is horrible, not to mention huge roaches and spiders, and the noise you hear when the train rolls through in the middle of the night that they neglect to tell you about, only good thing about the apartments is that the water is included. the people who work in the rent office are all okay at first but if you have a problem the person who handles it is out of the office.. there was an incident on the 4th of july when a vistor at no fault of there own went into the secondary bedroom and locked the door and when they were trying to get out the door would not unlock.. the rent office said that this was considered a lock out and we would have to call a locksmith and all this after responding to the original call about 4 hours later.. also having the rent office manager refuse to speak with us..in which the person in the room just decided to jump from the second floor window..and the police came to open the door.. after we had already attempted remove the door knob on both sides and the door would not open.. the following business day we need assistance with getting the door fixed and it was agreed that someone would come out to fix it.. it took constant calling and a month to get it fixed.. the first person to come out simply stated on the work order and that the door was fixed when the knob was hanging off from when police had attempted to get the door open and succeeded after about 20-30mins and bending my kitchen utensils.. ****update 11/26/05*** now to add on top of this the people upstairs who make noise night and day almost around the clock want to complain abt my music when i play it while cleaning on the weekends.. they forget the fact that maybe they do barely hear my radio once a week on saturdays in the middle of the day.. but i can hear every thing that they do above me including the rocking chair in the living room by the front door on the squeaky floor board that they like to use at any time b/t 10pm-5am not to mention the baby crying in the middle of the night, constant stomping and some more personal aspects of life that go on.. but im the one who is supposed to consider that i have people living above me.. not below me the downstairs people have no problems but the ones above me.. btw city noise ordinance despite what they tell you at the rental office does not say anything abt hearing the noise outside the door which will happen no matter what you do out here because of the paper thats covering the twigs that hold this piece of **** together... now a new story! the parking is hell.. getting off late at night you might as well not come home.. my roommate had to wait an half hour for someone to leave so she could park i got lucky and got the last space right before she came.. so i call the rent office he next day and see if it happens again that there are no spaces could we park somewhere else thats not a actual space without worrying abt being towed.. the manager says there is nothing we can do for you it is a first come first served parking area.. is it that hard to call the tow company and let them know abt the problem in the back and not to tow anyone?? they have the nerve to ask you to refer someone to live here and raise rent.. im gone as soon as my lease is up.. <br><br>oh yeah and if you stay in the back your apt will shake when the train goes by on the tracks they forget to mention in this "quiet" neighborhood.. so sorry for the new ppl moving in the new section in the back
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