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Waverton Impressions

501 Coral Key

Newport News, VA 23606



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/18/2005
I can this, if there is a hell on Earth it right here in Newport News and its name is Waverton Place Impressions. My wife and I were pretty pumped up when we first moved in thought we had found a place for a decent price, nice area of town, close to lots of stuff. Boy after about 2 months that novelty wore off and we realised what A BIG MISTAKE we had made. <br>1. The Staff here is horrible, they were decent enough be for the switch but now... My God I didnt know morons of this calibur existed.<br>2. God forbid something in your house breaks cause its going to take you about 2 months to get if fixed, and your probably going to have to pay out the --- for it.<br>3. Apartments are built like crap, paper thin walls, I could hear everyone on my side of the apartments. Below, to the sides and ohhh God above. If you are living on anyting besides the top floor, prepare to live with the constant walking of elephants and floor squeaking that would wake the dead, it was so bad in our masterbed room that my wife and I actually pulled our matress into the living room and slept there for our last 2 months.<br>4. What the hell apartment complex charges different prices for the floor you live on, I have asked around at many many other places and they look at me like I am a damn ------ when I mention this. This is the only place I have seen or heard of doing this, look at reason 3... they know their places suck and they exploit it to get more money out of you. They higher up you live the more you pay. Dumb!<br>5. Needless to say the fact that they charge you over $800 a month to live in this place, and oh yeah the rent goes up $25-$35 a year, is just stupid. Get a townhouse or rent somewhere else for something just as nice only $200 cheaper.<br><br>DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE MY WIFE AND I MADE, this place is hell on Earth and its only getting hotter!
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Waverton Impressions

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