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Waypoint at Oyster Point



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/26/2007
My fiance and I made an attempt to move into the Camelot apartments. We got approved on the spot and had our keys the very next day...this was so exciting. I had to work on our move in day so my fiance and mother went to start moving everything in...about an hour later i called my fiance and asked him how things were going he said the place was dirty and there was still food there from the last occupants, he then told me about the roaches. They were every were, there were hundreds of them big medium and small. Most roaches scatter when you turn on a light but these one stood there ground. He set traps up and notified the office. The next day i went to check it out and see if it was as bad as he said, i took about five steps into the apartment and was horrified they were on the walls on the floor in the air vents the drains and the cabinets...there were piles of them that my fiance had killed from the day before. i went down to the leasing office and told shell of the problem she immediatley and gladly gave us another set of keys to go look at anohter apartment. We went in and the previous person had an eviction notice on her door all of her belongings were still there, i felt this was wrong even if she was evicted. None the less we saw no bugs and the place looked better than the last so we agreed to take this one. Shell told us that we would have it by the weekend this was on wensday. Two weeks later and many phone calls we still had no apartment. So we went to the office and begged for our money back she said no that we had broke the lease. we went to corporate and they agreed to send us a check for the full amount it took 45 days. Shell also informed us because we had no prior renting history that we would never find an apartment 45 mins later we signed our leases for Cloverleaf which is right next door nad we love it here. All I wanted to get across in this big long story is to inspect your apartment oh yea and ask to see the pest book it's quite informing.
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Waypoint at Oyster Point

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