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Woods Of Jefferson Apartments



Resident · 2009
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Office Staff
... ok... I used to live in a very nice 3 story condo in a nice area with amazing management... Then I moved into the Woods of Jefferson... I now live in a ------ one story with horrible maintenance and the girls who run management are total ------- and I'm paying MORE now! After I moved in and had a chance to look through the place it looked like a drunk toddler painted the walls. In both bathrooms they painted over wallpaper and it's painfully obvious that they did so. I was missing a blind and when I mentioned it they just took one from the end to fix the gap instead of replacing it - I could have ------- done that myself! The ceiling is a 'pop-corn' ceiling and has horrible cracks in it. Anytime anything needs to be fixed it's always a half-assed job. I am SHOCKED that people pay what they do for this place! The only reason that my boyfriend and I are living here is because he is military, it's close to the base, and we have friends in the complex. We didn't get a chance to really shop around for places and WoJ was convenient for us to move into. They only want your money since there is a LOT of military bases around so they can hike up the price and spend the bare minimum on the upkeep of the apartments. I will say this... The maintenance man is very friendly, the neighbors are quiet and friendly as well, it is in a nice area, and easily accessible to the highway and convenience stores.
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Woods Of Jefferson Apartments

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