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Woods Of Jefferson Apartments



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
When I first looked at these apartments I was satisfied. I was in a hurry to move somewhere and on the surface everything looked good. BOY was I WRONG! First let me start off with my main problem. I have never in my life seen so many BUGS! My family and I are far from dirty people but this excessive amount of spiders, water bugs, and silver fish is ridiculous. These apartments are located in the woods. I feel like twice a month they should have someone come out and spray every unit and the residents shouldn't have to call to get it scheduled! I love how they had a whole section about bed bugs in lease and how you're responsible for the money it cost to get them out but yet they failed to mention all the other bugs they have that hibernate in your unit. I seriously cannot wait until my lease is up. The rent here is very high for the quality of this place. The doors and locks are cheap. Seriously my 2 year could probably kick it down. The closets are cheap and break every 5 minutes. When you call about getting them fixed they have some old man come and put a little tape on it thinking it will hold when the whole thing just needs to be replaced. Everything is broken or falling apart! I'm over it. The so called management ladies are rude as f$CK especially the younger one. They don't have the slightest clue about managing a residence. Every other week there's some type of outdoor maintenance that requires the parking lot to be closed. There's already hardly any parks and then you go close a whole section? Not to mention whoever is doing the maintenance don't seem to be an any rush. There's several days when nobody's out there working. The pool was closed half of the summer. That was just great. Really don't know why we have parking passes when people park where ever and nothing gets done about it. I know there's going to be noise in a apartment but I can here the people below me walking and its because the floors sound like they're about to give in. I know they hear us because our floor squeak uncontrollably as well. The neighborhood as a whole is ok. It's pretty quite and it looks nice on the outside. It's close to the base and that's about the only thing I love about it. Other than that, do not waste your money. You can get a house for the same amount you would pay here and get much better quality.
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Woods Of Jefferson Apartments

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