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Office Staff
KiwiGirl • Resident 2002 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/05/2007
The last year this place has really gone downhill. We have had problems with cockroaches for the past 6 months. And if they tell me that they are waterbugs and they are outside dwellers one more time, I am going to flip out! And funny that the EXTERMINATOR says they are cockroaches. <br>I used to call in work orders, but the past few months or so, the orders are not getting put into the system. So I started actually going down to the office to put in the orders. Nope, 2-3 wks will go by and I will call and "OH" the work order was never put in the system. <br>There is also this older black woman that works down in the office who is RUDE and treats everyone like they are a child. She uses a nasty tone and often gives you a lecture on things that don't even pertain to why you are there. She will often come down with the exterminator and she is so busy snooping around trying to point out this or that, you can't even get a word in edgewise with the exterminator to discuss the bug problem! And if you go down to the office with a problem she acts like you must have somehow caused it and if they find that, "YOU WILL BE CHARGED". Her attitude STINKS! <br>Our rent also just went up almost $60!! UNBELIEVABLE when you consider the above problems! <br>Another thing that drives me insane is the way people fly up and down the roads, blowing through the stop signs, doing well over the speed limit, blasting their music, etc. <br>And I agree with the last poster, the kids are out of control around here. I was trying to drive down the alley one day, and some kids had set up a basketball hoop in the middle. I sat there for a second and they ignored me. There was 3 adults standing there and they said nothing to the kids. So I tapped the horn lightly. Still nothing and the parents gave me a nasty look. I had to end up backing up all the way down the alley to get out. The kids play in the alleys, streets and other people's yards... cussing and throwing trash on the ground.<br>I saw where someone else mentioned this problem as well - the floors are horrible, we constantly have tiles coming up and the outlets won't hold a plug. Most of the walls have been patched up so many times you can't put a curtain rod up without it falling right out of the wall leaving a big "hole".<br>This used to be a great place to live. Not so anymore. We are actively looking for a new place. <br>
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