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4253 Llewellyn Ave., Norfolk, VA 23504
4253 Llewellyn Ave., Norfolk, VA 23504

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River House Apartments



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smitha1993 • Resident 2016 Not Recommended

Reviewed 12/03/2016

Where do I begin...? After living here for a few months I have come across many disturbing truths. The office staff are fake and lazy. They will tell you anything to get you to leave, and a few days later, what was said either never gets done or the complete opposite happens. They use to serve warm, homemade cookies in the office. This has stopped because they were too expensive and were too much work. My $1400+ a month rent can now only afford store bought Chips Ahoy. The maintenance supervisor is a lazy piece of ---- in all honesty. He takes his time to put bandaids on the properties issues rather than actually fixing the problem. In a few years the complex will be going down hill fast when bandaids no longer work, and the property does not have the money to fix everything at one time. The parking lot is slowing moving due to a lack of foundation under it, so what once was flat, is now hilly, wavy and slanted. My biggest pet peeve though, is that the office discriminates against who they want to fine and which rules they want to enforce. If you want to park like an ------- and take up three parking spots. Go for it; it is totally allowed here. If you are too lazy to walk an extra 10 feet so you park in the handicap spot, who cares? That is also allowed. If you take your dog off of a leash though, heaven forbid, you are going to get fined. The law just is not as important as your lease. I have only been living here for four months, and I have stories that should never come from an apartment complex that is advertised as "luxury apartments". Unfortunately due to the laziness of management and all the issues that have arisen from this I could not see myself giving the property honest stars. People are moving out left and right
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River House Apartments

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