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Crescent Place Apartments



Resident · 2011 - 2016
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Office Staff
CRESCENT PLACE APARTMENTS IS IN GREAT NEED OF HELP FROM SOMEONE IN UPPER MANAGEMENT. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED IN LIVING HERE TO COME TO THE PROPERTY FIRST!!!!!! I've lived in Crescent Place for a couple years. Since Debra, the previous property manager, left the property it has gone downhill. The rules are not being enforced by Liz at all. The staff constantly tells residence to call security, leave a note in the drop box , or call the police. Despite constant calls and complaints, the issues in the community go unresolved. The children are so loud, rude and disrespectful. They play on the electric boxes, climb trees and dump trash wherever they feel. I've witnessed drug activity from not on the maintenance staff, but from certain residence as well. Its a shame they're letting such a beautiful community go to waste. The apartments are very roomy and spacious. I absolutely love my apartment. However, I still an considering moving at the end of my lease. I no longer feel safe living here. If you're looking for a positive environment to raise your children Crescent Place is NOT it. The rules they go over with you when you sign your lease, is a joke. Trust me they don't intend on enforcing any rules at all. I really wish I could contact someone within the company itself. Don't be fooled, drive through the community and see for yourself. Talk with a resident in the community. I'm more than positive you'll hear the same thing. DEBRA WE NEED YOU BACK!!!!! DEBRA CARED ABOUT HER JOB AT CRESCENT PLACE. SHE DIDNT TOLERATE THIS FOOLISHNESS.
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Crescent Place Apartments

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