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Pepperwood Townhomes

3790 Pepperwood Court

Portsmouth, VA 23703



Resident · 2019
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Office Staff
Mine has been terrible. The air rarely works and they always have excuses. They have good reasons it should be 80 to 82 degrees in your house. I've had it hit 77 to 82 in my home without it being a 100 outside. According to them, it's normal if its within 20 degrees of outside. Bull shat. I've lived in texas and when I set it to 72, its 72. It's been 82 outside here and I still hit 77 in my home. I had to invest in a window unit with my own money. Doesn't stop there. ------- , the manager, is a rude ---. This woman doesn't care if people speed until enough people complained and the city put signs out. Ask her to put notices out for drivers to be careful? "Waste of paper and I can't make people good drivers". Noise complaint? "I'll see what I can do, have you talked to them and the police?". They do little to nothing about noise. I've lived places with real repercussions once you did it too often and there was proof. Pepperwood doesn't care. Heck , I literally was told it's ok for the neighbors to dance on the hood of their car twerking and dry humping it, while their doors are open and they blare music, because , " I can't tell people what they can do on their car." Excuse me! Its private property and they're disturbing the neighborhood. Maintenance is as good as they can be with cheap management, but they won't put new insulation in or keep your home cool during the summer, and they don't give a damn hiw loud some of the neighbors can be as long as they have suckers paying for their overpriced slabs. I can't wait to leave I plan on uploading videos and pictures everywhere possible to warn unsuspecting families once I do. Shoot I may now. Maybe they'll let me outta my lease. Posting this anonymously, but you know exactly who I am.
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Pepperwood Townhomes Manager


We strive to do our very best in keeping our residents happy in their home and environments. If there is anything that you would like to discuss concerning your personal experience, I would be more than happy to discuss them with you in person.

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Pepperwood Townhomes

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