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Crescent Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2002 Recommended
Reviewed 03/03/2002
I lived here for almost 3 years. The first year or so I had a roach problem which I think came from the boys living below me (as did the constant smell of curry). However this was easily solved by boric acid and since then never a roach to be seen. <br>The rooms are large, much larger than any of the newer complexes I looked at. The windows and screens were replaced in the summer of 2001 and are great. The balconies are large which is nice. <br>I lived on the top floor and had squirrels living above me. Probably not the best of situations, but being an animal lover I did not say anything. <br>You have to be pushy with management if you need something. I had an issue over a year ago when some friends and I went out of town and one of my friends left his car there. We obtained a temporary pass from the office, but 1/2 way through writing it, the manager´s blue pen ran out and she switched to black. BIG mistake- Henry´s towing (the worst in the area, another story), towed the car anyway. Upon our return it took an hour and a lot of yelling to get the manager to call me (it was sunday evening, I had to call the maintenance number) back. In the end we got the car back and did not have to pay for it, though thanks to the recklessness of Henry´s, there was body damage to the car. <br>I lived alone there and felt pretty safe. The first summer I was there a girl in the neighbourhood was raped, but she was the 6th of many in the Reston area so I don´t feel that the neighbourhood itself was a target. <br>On the whole, I was satisfied living there. I think the main thing I would change is that they bill for water only, no other utility, but unlike electricity, individual apartments can´t be metered, so they base it on the square footage of the apartment. This is not fair to those of us in 2 bedrooms who live alone, when other 2 bedrooms house 3-10 (yes 10, not a typo) people and probably use much more water while paying the same amount.
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Crescent Apartments

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