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Ashley Park Apartments

6901 Marlowe Road

Richmond, VA 23225



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thisplacesucksdonkeyballs • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/14/2006
Sure, the place LOOKED happy, but the false promises were exactly that false.<br><br>Here is the run down.<br><br>1. Maintenance looking for a leak kicked (with their foot) an 6x4 foot section out of my living room wall in which stayed that way for 3 weeks.<br><br>2. Staff re-ran my credit 4 times without my permission upon fidning out I had lost my job and wanting to make sure I qualified.<br>In which I had to get a lawyer involved when they tried to make me re-sign my lease three months into living there, and tried to make me pay an additional security deposit. MY RENT HAS NEVER BEEN LATE AND THE APARTMENT IS SPOTLESS.<br><br>3. Roommate gets injured in death trap of a pool when side collapes. He gets a "Sorry".... and a whole pile of --------.<br><br>4. Tanning bed, broken for 6 months <br><br>5. Car Car center is not FREE as promised.<br><br>6. They always run out of gas for their grills.<br><br>7. Drug deals go on late night in the parking lot.<br><br>8. Leasing office lost my cell phone that was delivered UPS.... quote "I musta gave it to someone else."<br><br>9. Parking is limited due to triple parking Lincolns... oh and the tree thats been down across 4 spaces for the last two months.<br><br>10. Vaulted Sealing = Buckled Celing........ Sink in kitchen knobs fall off constantly, paint chips from the wall...<br><br>11. WILD ANIMAL ALERT!!! Geese who will chase... musquitos from nasty pond, and lets not talk about the gnats!<br><br>12. PUT THE REGIONAL VP ON SPEED DIAL! I did, seeming no one will return your calls and they play "Deflect the tenant" as you enter the leasing office. Just mention ESCROW and your problems might be resolved.<br><br>There are athousand and one other things including the month with no hot water. PLEASE GO NEXT DOOR TO SAINT JOHNS WOOD!! IT MAY BE ------, BUT ATLEAST YOU KNOW IT IS...<br><br>I have about a million of other complaints along with various other residents who feel the same way.
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Ashley Park Apartments

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