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9016 Patterson Avenue, Richmond, VA 23229
9016 Patterson Avenue, Richmond, VA 23229

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Cambridge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended

Reviewed 11/05/2015

This isn't the worst place I've ever lived, but it's definitely not the best either. Moved in here with my fiance in November 2014. Pros: - Close to work and all kinds of restaurants/shopping. I am 2 minutes from the nearest Kroger and that is fantastic. - Parking is free - Apartment look/feel isn't too bad. Walls were freshly painted, wood floors freshly waxed, tub was redone with some kind of coating. - Maintenance people have been very nice and prompt. - Office Staff is nice and helpful. - Heat/AC are very effective at making it cold or hot. (Sort of a con: maybe too much so. When the heats on, it gets stuffy pretty fast. When AC is on, it gets cold very quickly. It took a while to figure out the best setting for a neutral temperature) - Appliances (except dish washer) are all nice and also clean. They appear to be fairly new. I really love the oven, it's probably the best I've had in an apartment. - Space overall is decent for a 1 BR. - Washer/Dryer that you can rent is pretty good. I had the stackables. Cons: - The noise is the most bothersome thing ever. I'm sorry, but I really don't enjoy hearing literally EVERYTHING my upstairs neighbor is doing. I am someone who really prefers a quiet environment, but it didn't take long to realize that wasn't possible when you can hear your neighbors so well. The community itself is occasionally loud as well. Sometimes it's just kids running around and playing: this I don't mind. This complex is so close to the elementary school, I expected it. But on holidays it tends to get really loud. This past Halloween was a lot of screaming drunk people late into the night. - The new bath tub covering started chipping around the drain because it was not properly applied/sealed there. So, I know we are going to get charged for that: slightly annoying. - The ceiling in the bathroom looked from the start to have been patched over. Towards the end of the lease, I noticed that it had started to mold some and had cracked a little. So, I'm assuming the bathroom fan/vent doesn't do great moisture control. - The closet door in the bedroom is a real pain. It didn't take it very long for the poorly attached hinges/sliders (not sure what to call it) to come off and get the door stuck. They just aren't very use-able. - The dishwasher. It was new when we moved in. I always rinse dishes before putting them in an apartment grade dishwasher so that there won't be issues. These dishwashers you rent though get clogged from nothing. I don't understand it. The first one we had installed at move in stopped draining at one point and had to be replaced. The one currently in the unit appears to drain SO slowly. There was once it took a full day and a half to drain. But when the maintenance people inspected it, they couldn't find anything wrong. So, basically, they are just low grade dishwashers. But I suppose they usually got the job done. - The space when you have a W/D rented is not great in the kitchen. If you do rent these, get the stackable and save what little space you have. - The heater pretty much always lets off a weird smell. I had the maintenance guys check it once and they were very helpful to show me it wasn't a bad/dangerous gas smell. But it's still not a great smell. Like burnt dust all the time. - This is minor, but the window sills and the screens were all pretty dirty at move in. - They do extermination twice a year. So, be prepared to clear out your lower kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Despite this though, if you are on the bottom floor expect some bugs. I've seen several cockroaches and spiders throughout my time. They were never so bad though that I felt the need to say anything. It was just occasional. I will say though, beware of ant problems in your kitchen during the summer. I had an issue where I left something sugary out once and next thing I knew I was buying ant traps for the next three months. If you put the traps on the kitchen window sill, the problem should go away (did for us). - Natural lighting is kind of an issue in the living room (first floor). There is one big window and a window on the back entrance. But they barely light the room. It just feels dark most of the time. - Wood floors get pretty cold during the winter. They are also hard to keep clean. - Price of rent is a bit high for what you get. It's really not that nice of an apartment to be spending almost $700/mo on (without monthly pet rent) - Also, moving in was kind of difficult. When you walk into the building, there is a small corridor with stairs to the upper floor. If you stand in the doorway with your arms spread, you could probably touch both unit front doors on either side of you. Therefore, moving things like couches were quite difficult to get inside. Be prepared to really get into some weird angles if you can't disassemble your furniture. OVERVIEW: I gave it a 3 out of 5 because, in general, it was neither here nor there living at these apartments. I personally didn't like it very much, which is why I'm moving. But I could easily see someone else having a decent experience if they don't mind the price. Just make sure you live on the top floor: you'll regret it otherwise.
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Cambridge Apartments

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