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Lakefield Mews



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/22/2007
This apartment complex is not the best. When we first moved in the staff was really nice and we liked our apartment, now being here two years the staff takes forever to do anything and the apartment is crappy. We did not tear anything up, the apartment is just falling apart. We had a leak in the downstairs toilet about 3 months after we moved in, we called maintenance and they 'fixed' the problem. Now we have had what looks to be the same problem in there for the past 6 months and no one has even come to look at it. Our back door doesn't open unless you force it with all your might, and when you do get it open and shut it takes an hour just to get it locked again, needless to say we have only opened it twice. We had ants really bad for like 2 months this past summer and they didn't really care...they said they would spray outside and I never noticed anything so we finally just got some heavy duty bug spray and killed them ourselves. Everytime it rains really hard our carpet near the back door gets soaked, and they have never come while it is raining to check it out, they come when it is not raining and say I don't see a problem, no ----, it isn't raining right now. We are moving and I wouldn't move back here if they paid me, for the price you pay it is not worth the hassle.
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Lakefield Mews

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