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Malvern Manor Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/14/2007
This used to be a decent place to live, but since new management has taken over (Gumenick Properties) it has become an unmitigated disaster! Also, I can hear everything my neighbor does through the floors. He has a terrible cough, and it feels like I'm sleeping next to him at night. I also hear him banging around, I cannot sleep! <br>What's worse is that the lady across from me smokes, and it comes into my apartment, making me sick. I complained to management about it, but nothing has been done. Also, it has become a dangerous place to live because cigarette butts are strewn all around my building. They allow residents to smoke in their apartments and outside, and don't ever clean up the cigarette butts. The grounds are always dry, and this could burn the building down if a lit butt catches fire. Management doesn't care, though, as I have complained and nothing has been done.<br>Also, they quality of the residents has gone down since Slumenick Properties has taken over. The result? A bunch of young adults were playing frisbee from 3 to 4 am on New Years, drunk and very loud. This never would have happenned before. And now, half the people in my building are smokers, kind of trashy looking, and really don't make it a comfortable place to live.<br>The halls are filthy, and they have raised the rates even though no improvements have been done to the apartments. The dishwasher doesn't work well, the kitchen floors are at least 20 years old, and the management is RUDE and incredibly inefficient. They regularly lose maintenance requests, notes left in their overnight box, etc. I have heard other complaints about Gumenick properties, and now I believe it. I would never recommend any Gumenick Property (including Monument Square, The Estates at Horsepen, or Grayson Hill). I have friends who have lived at each place, and they have all had major problems with Scumenick Properties. There are other nice places to live around Richmond, where the management has some degree of respect for the residents. Gumenick Management are truly slumlords, and I have caught them lying on numerous occasions in order to not have to pay residents for errors they have committed. Stay Away!
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Malvern Manor Apartments

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