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Nottingham Green



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/08/2007
I haven`t started living there yet, but my brother owns an apartment with this complex [I`m moving in with him]. I`ll agree with everyone else about the fact there`s a lot of foreign people. A lot. Parking is terrible. Well. At least for the building my brother is living in. I haven`t gotten enough courage to check out the entire complex. Noise could definitely be a problem when you are trying to sleep. Unfortunately, it really depends on where the apartment is and who`s surrounding you. The landscaping sucks. Right now, the sign for the entrance is being reconstructed. Either a person drunk and/or drugged up drove into it, or it`s finally being repaired. After reading the other reviews and from what I`ve seen, a safe and kind environment may not be promised. Once again, it truly depends on your location in this place. I can`t say anything about maintenance, but my assumption would be that it is somewhat acceptable. My brothers apartment isn`t in great condition. Luckily they installed new carpet before he moved in [poor job might I add]. The office staff seems rather nice, but I don`t have much experience to comment on that.<br><br>This apartment is my choice though because of financial problems. I`m moving out with my boyfriend and we are staying with my brother. It is easy for the both of us with money since we are graduating and heading off to college. It is cheap and you get the most worth out of the cash. Which isn`t much at all.<br><br>
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Nottingham Green

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