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President's Walk Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 09/07/2005
Close to VCU, but not enough to walk there everyday. Huge apartments. At first glance they are awsome but once move in a few minor things needed to be fixed. Entrances are usualy code only but some broken. Pet fee 350.00. Broad street very noisy. Lots of people hang out on street right below apartment Friday-Sunday. NIGHTMAYER! They wont do anything, but they're still sketchy. You will hear everything. Nice place to live with roomates, but i wouldnt recommend a girl living by herself here. Parking is 2 hours only M-F infront and side street is busy during the day. Weekends are better. its not a bad place to live. REALLY good price for the size. 1 br 699 for 900 sq ft. about $875 for 1300 sq ft!! Everythings is seriousely huge here. But a overall ok plaace to live. A little ------.. but thats Broad street for you.<br>_______________________________________<br>EDITED:< lived here for almost a year now. I did renew my lease. Ive gotten used to the noise on Broad Street. Ive realized that in the Winter the people dont generally stand outside anymore. Its still a HUGE apartment though. Everything else ive seen in Richmond is tiny compared to these for the price. The office staff was so great when I moved in.. but now I dred even going over to it for any reason. They're almost INCOMPITANT now. I sware. Its raeally frusterating. But maitinance is still helpful. Parking isnt too bad anymore. Just diring the day when theres people out and about. Our secureacess door has a code on it but the door dosent even shut so whats the point? Anyway, I know a lot of my comments seem harsh, but all in all, for the price, size and amenities its a good deal.
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President's Walk Apartments

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