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The River Lofts at Tobacco Row



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Office Staff
Fett1980 • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/26/2005
I've lived here for a year and will not be renewing. Besides the rent keeps going up, which is to be expected anywhere, I've enjoyed the management staff. They've treated me well, been polite and friendly, and have always given proper notification of issues or events. The maintenance staff is also friendly and quick about fixing things. The apartment is beautiful and unique, exactly what I was looking for, high quality living with great amenities and a nice view. <br>That having been said... I HAVE HAD BOTH OF MY CARS VANDALIZED MULTIPLE TIMES. The stereo was stolen, the window broken, paint and window scratched, I bought a new SUV and they broke the window out and tried to steal it, messing up the entire dash, steering column and ignition. Everyday, literally, I walk or drive through the neighborhood I see other cars with broken out windows. Not good. My wife gets hassled by the "locals" when she walks acroos the street to the market. And the cops only stop thru to write parking tickets. When called they say they have vandalism problems there all of the time. The secured parking is broken and the gate is missing. The gates on the stairwell can be crawled over. The security guys are nice but can't be expected to be super heros. I live above a restaurant and can hear the drunks leaving late at night, but you get used to the noise. The building itself is safe. So, I liked it but hated dealing with the area, still a ways to go before it hits it's prime, I think.
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The River Lofts at Tobacco Row

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