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Edgehill Estates

745 Townside Road Southwest, Roanoke, VA 24014
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"I have had little problems since moving here approx. 4 years ago. The office manager is ex" ...
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Resident 2017 - 2021


Lived here for years had black mold in bathroom they never fixed it ceiling in bathroom leaked fellow neighbor above us into the bathtub water leaked for months costing me extra on electric bill and landlord only helped the mimimum and never fixed it till i Let them know i was going to take higher measures they kept my security deposit after saying at our walk through we would be getting half back waited weeks now saying since they had to clean top of refrigerator and drip pans on oven that we replaced with brand new ones cleaned this place great charged us for carpet after saying no charge since been there for years and did 2 walk throughs and he still kept our money its sad that he is only about hisself i do NOT recommend moving here because they will not repair anything just bandaid the problems just unreliable and trustworthy allow people to be loud without consciences and very unprofessional you have been warned!!! Do NOT rent here

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    Resident 2013 - 2017


    Do not move here. The rent is cheap, yes, but not having peace of mind is not worth having cheap rent. The maintenance guys, Jason and Don, are not trust worthy and the owner does not care to make any changes. One of the maintenance men left my door open and my 6 month old kitten got out for 3.5 days in the middle of winter. I had a $300 vet bill that I asked for help paying since this was not my fault and I was told "No" and then also "If you don't like it then you can move out". My neighbors have black mold that nobody will take care of for them besides putting paint over it. This place is run by a slum lord. Your pets aren't safe. The maintenance guys use whatever they want when you're not home, we have video proof and the owner Gilbert still will do nothing. We don't feel safe and are moving. I attached a photo that's a screenshot from when Jason, one of the maintenance guys, just comes into our kitchen and uses our family cutlery to open some caulk and then puts it back in the drawer.

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      Resident 2016


      Edgehill Estates is a P.O.S apartment complex! They are old and poorly taken care of and the landlord is only after your $$. And then when its time to move and and return your deposit, they will find ANYTHING and UPcharge youu for things that were already wrong damaged from previous renters! The ONLY thing that was nice about that place was my neighbors!! Prices may SEEM reasonable but it is NOT worth it! FIND. ANOTHER. PLACE! And the only reason they are getting even 1 star from me is because I cant do zero stars!

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        Resident 2015 - 2016


        The only good thing about these apartments is the price for rent. Which, at the time, was all I truly cared about. I moved in and the staff seemed genuine and other than a few cosmetic things inside, I was happy with the apartment. My first weekend there, living alone, I walked out of my shower, with nothing but a towel on, to one of the maintenance men in my kitchen. I freaked out and ran to put clothes on. He had no remorse and when I questioned his actions he shrugged and stated "well I knocked". When I called the receptionist to ask if they'd please let me know if someone will be coming into my apartment, she said there was nothing she could do. A few months later, I came home and my neighbor knocked on my door to tell me that the receptionist was snooping around in my apartment. Note that I wasn't aware, nor do I know why my apartment was being checked on without my permission. By the time my lease was over, I was so ready to be out of there and was told my security deposit would be mailed to me within 2… See More>
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          Resident 2014 - 2015


          The apartments are fairly large for the rent. Unfortunately, that is almost all of the good points about my experience. When I first moved in, the apartment had brand new carpet and paint. It looked amazing. The bathtub was a pristine white. The cabinet under the sink had a new liner on it, so it looked amazing as well. I was extremely happy with the prospect of moving in. I believe it was the second or third day in, I had just taken a shower and I noticed a lot of white flakes near the drain. I assumed, at first, that it was drywall or something similar, so I started checking the ceiling, etc. Turns out that it was flakes of spray paint from the tub. It was painted white to improve the look. Second on the list is the walls. The paint was fresh, so that was nice. Of course, there is a downside. There were cracks in the wall around the windows and the corners of the door frames. These were not patched, just painted over. A quarter-inch crack that is only painted over does not stay hidden for long. Since I mentioned windows,… See More>
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            Resident 2010 - 2012


            Living in Edgehill Estates was terrible after the first year. I had two wasp nests at my front door, and, in my kitchen, the ceiling was caving in. Both of these were reported more than once and never fixed. When my heater went out in the winter, it took five days to fix it, and all maintenance did was leave a space heater with no note on the first day. I had no idea how long it would take to fix. They didn't even complete the job by putting the ceiling cover back on. My electric bill was almost $200 per month in the winter because the windows weren't insulated at all. When I put up plastic to help with this, the apartment manager told me I had to take it down. The apartment manager is not professional. She loses maintenance requests and only wants to gossip. It was very hard to get away from her if she started talking. She also apparently has a man (who refused to tell me his name) that goes to your apartment and bullies you while you are trying to move. I have no idea what his affiliation with the complex was, but he tried… See More>
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              Resident 2012


              Run... just run. The apartments across from the manager's office flood. There is no insulation in windows, that means higher electric bill AND YOU CAN HEAR THE TRAINS PASSING BY AT RANDOM HOURS OF THE NIGHT. You can also hear everything your neighbors do. Unreliable electricity, even the daintiest of storms will make you lose power. The exterminator has had a heart attack and they do not want to find a replacement. There are ants, spiders, centipedes, and other unknown little creatures. I have found mice and lizards in my apartment. Even before the exterminator's heart attack he was supposed to have been coming every month. Trust me... he hasn't for over a year. Maintenance is a joke. You have to send several requests and they take forever. They rarely do the job right the first time. Management... an ever bigger joke. The he property manager is a gossiper and is always complaining about the property owner and the maintenance men. Getting Rose to shut-up once she's started talking is an accomplishment of it's own. She always tries hard to engage you in conversation about neighbors and finds any excuse to walk into your apartment. It's hard to get her… See More>
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                Resident 2011 - 2012


                Don't come here expecting much!

                We have lived here for about a year now and I can definitely say I'm happy the lease goes month-to-month after the first year. It's been ok living here but if we had really inspected the place and asked the right questions before moving in, we would've looked elsewhere. Maintenance issues have been a constant problem here and if we had to hold our breath waiting for them to fix the problems we'd be dead. The office lady is nice, but is a huge gossiper and we try to have as little interaction with her as possible. We have had no problem with parking, but can hear almost everything our neighbors do. Overall living here is ok, but definitely would no suggest staying for over a year.

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                  Resident 2009 - 2011


                  Very noisy

                  Noisy neighbors crap management squeaky floors filthy carpets outdated appliances ------ plumbing creepy maintenance guys Pretty much everything sucks!

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                    Resident 2010


                    If I could go back in time...

                    I would have never rented an apartment at Edgehill Estates. I have had nothing but trouble since moving in March of 2010. I had severe problems with my air conditioning when it began to get hot and it took over 3 weeks to get it fixed. the washer and dryer romms also reek of moldy water as all machines leak and somehow never seem toget fixed even when there is a sign saying they will.The cleanliness of my building makes me think I am in a maximum security prison as it is as dirty as one. Not to mention the office manager has the mouth of a 16 year old pre-pubescent girl and cannot stop gossiping about all the tenants and their problems which they reveal to her in what they believe to be the strictest of confisence. I would recommend that anyone considering renting from Edgehill to look elsewhere. The complex manager is nothing less that an absolute ---- with regards for no one but himself.

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                      Resident 2006 - 2010


                      I have had little problems since moving here approx. 4 years ago. The office manager is extremely friendly, and will try to help in whatever way she can. My biggest complaint about this place is the parking. There are not mant apartments which are sized well(like this one) for this amount of money..usually you would be paying at least 100 more per month.. Overall I like it here!!!

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                        Resident 2008 - 2010


                        This post has been removed by the original author.

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                          Resident 2009


                          The place isnt horrible but....

                          I have been here for a little over 4 years now and Im,m getting a little ticked off at some things. 1-There is nowhere to park anymore simply because the owner always wants to put in more frigging bushes and he will take out parking places just to do this wich makes it harder to find a place to park 2-If you park near a dumpster and eventhough there isnt a "no parking sign" they still have the nerve to fine you $80.00. 3-The actual owner doesnt seem to have any spine to him ,He will send his 60 year old office manager(who is a woman) to tell you if they are gonna fine you or tow your car or whatever. 4-Im still waiting for maintence to fix my garbage disposal after telling the office manager twice about it. It has been a few weeks. But at the same time there are worse places to live then this.

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                            Resident 2007 - 2009


                            i understand that the price is right on these units...

                            but should you be expected to compromise cleanliness?? absolutely not. on several occassions i found roaches on the property and were told that it was not possible. i was told they may be water bugs... i can assure you, this was a cockroach!!! the basement is TEAMING with centipedes. not a few, there is an infestation. the maintenance is inadequate at best and certainly not respectful when they enter your apartment. if you are interested in renting, make sure you inspect under the sinks and around the baseboards. the wood is molded. however, this may be a situation that is unique to the basement. on several occassions, i came home to a man passout drunk on the front stoop. one time it was 10 AM ON A MONDAY!!! just be wary and dont jump because the price is right. THIS PLACE IS A DUMP!!!!!!

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                              Resident 2006 - 2007


                              It *could* be better, but for more money...

                              The apartment complex isn't too horrible. The apartment manager is very gossipy, and talks about the neighbors way too much. She hasn't pilfered through any apartments per se, but she relishes the opportunity to accompany the maintenance men into the apartment when they are changing the air filter, which is done quarterly. Neighbors have complained of roaches and water leakage, but in our apartment the only bugs to be seen are house centipedes (which *eat* roaches and spiders, but still - I haven't seen those nasty roaches.) Exterminator comes about twice a year or so, it seems. The people that are hired to clean the breezeways do a horrible job. The floors in the breezeways are always streaked from where they were mopped with black mop water (every single time). Recently, there was broken glass and dust on the floor from a crappy cleanup after a florescent light bulb fell from its fixture. One time, the building next to ours had a 5x10 section of its outside paneling sheered off by a heavy windstorm, exposing the insulation underneath. It took 5 days to get fixed, and it wasn't covered or anything for any amount of that time. Oh, and I have to mention again… See More>
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                                Resident 2002 - 2006


                                Lived there 5 years in 2 different apts!!

                                Please!! Come on! My husband and I lived there for 5 years and the apt was wonderful!! I loved Rose! Nosy and talkative? Yes, but she doesn't pilfer around people's apts!! The only reason that I am filling this out is because I now live in Norfolk! Keep your damn mouths shut and pay the cheap --- rent! For that price here (actually 20% more!!), you would really have roaches(never seen them at Edgehill!! in 4 years!), be scared to ------- death to walk to your car alone, and not only from a few spaces down! Also get ready for your tires to be slashed, silverfish, everything smelling like curry, I could go on forever.....

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                                  Resident 2005 - 2006


                                  Slum owned by a group of lawyers = you're screwed

                                  READ THIS BEFORE YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT MOVING IN THERE!<br><br>This apartment complex is a DUMP. The office manager routinely 'breaks in' to apartments and pilfers through the tenants belongings. Then, she proceeds to tell the other tenants that she comes in contact with about what medications the neighbors are on, what kind of things they kept around the house, etc. Then I woke up one morning and caught her in MY APARTMENT. She said she had the RIGHT TO BE THERE and could come and go as she pleased!!!! (perhaps if you've always wanted to sue someone for trespassing, you've found the place to live)<br><br>Maintenence = doesnt have a pulse. A set of wires caught FIRE in my wall one day. Maintence said it was 'no big deal' and 'happened all the time'.<br>My air conditioner leaked freon for my entire lease. It only worked about 1/8 of the time. <br><br>The low-class people who lived there would also routinely steal your clothing from the community washers and dryers. I actually saw people walking around the complex in my belongings.<br><br>Then there are the BUGS... centapedes by the hundreds. Roaches. Flies. Ants. Ladybugs in the winter. I asked repeatedly for an… See More>
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                                    Resident 2004 - 2005


                                    Centipedes, Water damage, Mold & Poor maintenence

                                    I have lived in apts. all my life and have never experienced such an awful, poorly maintained complex. The owner does not care about your comfort or well-being. The laundry rooms do not have HOT water. The office manager makes excuses for repairs. All repairs are done half way. I have water coming in my living room soaking the carpet and they have yet to fix it. I have centipedes all over the apartment and mold growing in the air conditioning unit. I was told their were never any bugs and never any water damage. What lies? Do NOT move there you will find you get less than what you pay for.

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                                      Asked on: 03/19/2018
                                      Q: Are there surveillance cameras on site?

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                                      Edgehill Estates is an apartment in Roanoke in zip code 24014. This community has a 1 - 2 Beds, 1 Bath, and is for rent for $788. Nearby cities include Salem, Daleville, Rocky Mount, Blacksburg, and Christiansburg.

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