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Lerner Arrowood Parc

2526 Chain Bridge Road Suite 101

Vienna, VA 22181



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mr.murray • Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/08/2007
Wow, I didn't know that people had such bad experiences with this place. I have lived here for about 3 years now and it's fine. My kids play outside alone and I don't worry about their safety. The halls are always clean. So are the grounds. As far as the the apartments themselves, they are old and the the wall are thin. So late at night you can hear TV's and other things, but that's usually when things are really quite. The A/C in the apartment did die a couple of summers ago, but they replaced the part in a couple of days and paid for us to stay in a hotel room, so that was cool. Apparently, all of the A/C's are old so maybe they should just replace them all before they break and cause the tenents to be upset, I don't know. My biggest complaint would be the turn-over of the management staff. I would say that in the past 3 years, they have had 5 different property managers, that's not good. Other than that, they are fine. I don't have a problem with rats or roaches, so I don't know about that, thank God. As far as the illegal guys that live there, yeah, they have a lot of tentents whose citizenship can be questioned, but they are good guys. They are all very friendly and helpful, if you need anything. The only problem that they do present is in the laundry room. Since there are so many in one apartment, they can use the machines all weekend and you have to wash on a weekday. And they usually wash very muddy or dirty clothes, so you have to clean the washers before you use them. Other than those things Arrowood Parc is a good place to live.
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Lerner Arrowood Parc

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