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Baker Crossing Apartments



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srfrchc5 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/20/2007
My boyfriend and I have living here for 11 months and in that time, our house has been broken into, my car has been broken into, our house has flooded because maintenance did a HORRIBLE job of clearing the pipes before we moved in, out garbage disposable was broken for 2 weeks before anyone even called us(after numerous complaints) and let me not forget the window that has leaked for the past 8 MONTHS!!! We are leaving this horrid place in march (THANK THE HEAVENS!) and we have had nothing but problems. It takes FOREVER for anyone to fix anything. 8 months of waking up in the middle of the night with a leaky window and complaining about EVERY WEEK! We have 39 days left and they JUST came and looked at the outside of the window and the realized that the wood was COMPLETELY ROTTED from water damage. The last 50 times they have come for the window, we've been told that they couldnt find a problem. They are not doing anything to compensate for our problems. And the price is REDICULUS for such a ------ apartment complex. We literally live in the middle of the ------. I wish that I would have known the area before moving in. Yes, they have done a beautifil job remodeling these apartments(just to get your attention) BUT all they did was cover up the NASTY. They put new paint over rotted walls. I had a friend that lived here and moved out shortly when she was taking a shower and slipped, grabbed the soap dish holder and the wall collapsed on her leaveing maggets all over her body! This is the most disgusting, horrid, piece of ---- hell hole I have ever lived!
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Baker Crossing Apartments

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