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Banbury Lake Village



Resident · 2009 - 2010
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Office Staff
Thank God our lease will be over in a few months so we can leave this nasty place. We have dealt with more crap in our two years here than any tenant should ever have to put up with. Our ceiling has leaked no fewer than 4 times from the rain, soaking our apartment, and they still can't seem to get that fixed, never mind all the other stuff wrong with our apartment. The parking situation is a complete joke and you often have to drive around for half an hour just to find a place to park, which is probably no where near your apartment. Our appliances are older than dirt, the hallways of the buildings look like the ------, and instead of dumpsters for our trash, we have nasty, disgusting garbage rooms IN our building, complete with rodent traps so that should tell you how sanitary they are. They should put the traps in the ceilings since you hear stuff crawling around in the ceiling all the time. The 'secure doors' never stay closed, so they aren't actually secure. And you have to play hopscotch to avoid all the poop from the birds (geese) all over the sidewalks, which I have had to clean off my carpet too many times to count. The employees who work here are always different from one week to the next. Since we moved in, they have had probably 20 different people working around here because the employees don't seem to last long. They finally got a decent manager last year and even she is gone now! The loud mouth, phony, fat manager lady from the main office is there alot again and she sits in her car and talks trash about the employees when she thinks no one can hear her so I can only imagine what she says about the tenants. My neighbors have the same complaints and at least two of my neighbors are planning to leave at the end of their leases, too. Save yourself the hassle and pick another place to live. We wish we had. Dissatisfied and fed up
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Banbury Lake Village

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