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Former Resident · 2019
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LET THIS COMPLEX BE A LAST RESORT I KNOW IT'S HARD BUT HANG IN THERE AND KEEP SEARCHING Saw someone else's comment about hardships when it is time to move out and it is all definitely true. Lived here for a few years NEVER HAD ANY EVICTION HISTORY OR PROBLEMS WITH PAYING THE REBT ON TIME ETC. and once we gave them notice of not renewing our lease they began to expedite eviction notices and processes(no we were not problematic tenants always late with rent, damaged the property, or being disruptive). The finance officer Ashley said she made phone call attempts and didn't get through to anyone (later we found out she called the wrong number). Although the bases for eviction were due to errors in their system (as a result of doing half --- work and low budget technology).This place is owned by the Breeden Company they have a lot of pull and power in the Hampton roads area. What they do when you notify them of not renewing your lease. To force your hand they pretend everything is fine and sift through the financials to find discrepancies (that are a result of their disorganization; i.e. lack of communication amongst themselves, system not updated etc). Once they find something like this "during your lease renewal (when our new sign your lease online website was not working) you owed us month to month rates and you only paid your standard rate that you've been paying for the past few years". Then they tell you their legal aid handles all the court proceedings (understandable) BUT when the issue gets resolved in the rental office (Admitting they were wrong and crediting the said owed balance) they do not make any efforts to notify their legal aide to cease all proceedings....... SO GUESS WHAT HAPPENS. Your name is still on a eviction case that gets closed as 'Judgement settled'. Sheriff brings eviction notice on your door and everything. You call Breeden Company and they will say we fixed the problem don't worry about the eviction proceedings our legal aide does things on a different time so everything is just now catching up.... WORRY! BECAUSE THESE JUDGEMENTS GO ON YOUR CREDIT AND YOU WILL NOT FIND HOUSING ANYWHERE ELSE IN THIS AREA WITH THAT ON YOUR RECORD. *****When you go to find somewhere else to live and they reach out to Emerald Point (which is normal for them to contact your previous landlords). You end up being denied because you were "evicted" or have a judgement against you. ****** Long story short, lived here for a couple years. No children or pets, both in and out of the house for work, non problematic to neighbors. They still managed to find a way to stain our credit and rental history during our last year with them. I KNOW IT IS HARD TO FIND SOMETHING AFFORDABLE ESPECIALLY WITH THE RENTAL MARKET RIGHT NOW AROUND HERE but HANG IN THERE AND ONLY SIGN HERE IF YOU'RE DESPERATE YOU ARE IN FOR A ROLLER COASTER RIDE. THE WORKING POOR WILL ALWAYS GET THE SH/T END OF THE STICK. Mary Hummel and Mark Denning have always tried to help but this is bigger than them. The system was created and the game is played by the good ole pals. It's all interconnected in this area.
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Emerald Point Manager


We are truly sorry that you feel this way. We have made every attempt to address your concerns in a timely and effective manner, but judging by your feedback you are still not satisfied with the outcome. Rest assured that we will take another look at the way we handled this situation so we can ensure that residents will receive the exceptional service they deserve going forward. If you'd like to receive further assistance regarding your credit report, please contact us at [email protected] Thank you for your review.

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