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Latitudes Apartments

1701 Chase Pointe Circle

Virginia Beach, VA 23454



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/20/2005
When I first moved into Latitudes I really believed that this was a nice and safe apartment complex. The grounds look very well kept and the buildings look well maintained, however initial impressions can be quite deceiving. The apartments are filthy. Whoever last painted the apartment walls in my unit did not dust the walls prior to painting so tons of dust is caked into the most recent paint job leaving the walls witha disgusting appearance. The tiles and kitchen counters are stained and areas underneath cupboards and around appliances look as if this unit has not been cleaned well in several years. The fireplace was full of ashes and the carpet is very old and worn looking. The laundry room is also very filthy with large amounts of grime that is basically caked onto the floor, walls and appliances. All appliances are very old, though they are in working condition.<br><br>I have noticed a major electrical issue throughout the apartment. It seems that the outlets are far too warm and this issue has cost me several small kitchen appliances. The dryer, dishwasher and oven also tend to get become so hot that they produce an awful smell that always has be thinking that there is a live fire in my unit. <br><br>The noise level in and around the apartments is terrible. My husband and I can be downstairs enjoying dinner and hear our upstairs neighbors word for word even though they are not yelling. People also drive through the parking lot at all hours of the day and night with blaring music and we frequently have been forced to alert the police of drunken arguments outside our windows on weekend evenings. Cars also tend to speed throughout the parking lot and although I do not have any children myself, I am always very concerned for children in our complex as they walk to the bus stop or playground. <br><br>Latitudes has also been the scene of two major fires during the past year and a half. I do understand that fires can happen anywhere and that two fires at one place is very possible, however the probability of it happening is not too great and realizing this fact does not make me feel safe while living at latitudes. There have also been several hit and runs this past summer within the Latitudes gates.<br><br>As one more issue of concern, Latitudes does NOT require a criminal background check prior to signing a lease with them. Some people may not find this bothersome, but I know I would feel much safer knowing that my neighbors have been checked out and are not into any illegal activities.<br><br>The staff at Latitudes is friendly enough, but they are not the most helpful bunch I have ever experienced. I did have the experience of coming out of my shower one day to find a matienance man had let himself into my apartment and I was not too thrilled about that. <br><br>Water service at Latitudes is ran through Ista-North America and rather than charge for only the water used, residents are charged for a set amount every month which totals close to $40. My husband and I do not use anywhere near the water amount we are being charged for and it is very frustrating to be sharing the burden with people who live in larger apartments with more people living there. Again not a huge life altering issue, but certainly something else for potential residents to consider prior to moving into Latitudes. <br><br>Now do not get me wrong, Latitudes can be a nice place and I have not personally had any really terrible experiences while living here, but when I add all the bad points up renewing my lease or even staying for the full duration of it is not my idea of fun. Especially at the very high prices for the tiny little apartments.
Latitudes Apartments Manager12/27/2018

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. Drucker + Falk recently assumed management of Latitudes, and customer satisfaction is important to us! We are so sorry to hear that you had a negative experience while living in the community, and if there is anything we can assist you with at this time we are happy to do so. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime at (757) 491-2499. - Krystle Hanson, Property Manager

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Latitudes Apartments

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