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Shoreline Apartments



Resident · 2011 - 2012
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Office Staff
Prior to moving to Virginia (we are military family) my husband and I did some research. Well as best as we could, being in another state. We loved the reviews and what Shoreline apartment had to offer. We rented a 2 bedroom apartment, which is way overpriced but we thought the customer service, the amenities, and the quality of life that we would live would be well worth it. We were wrong. One thing that I did actually enjoy about shoreline apartments is having Mt.Trashmore, Food Lion, and other shops right next to us. As far as Shoreline apartments, well, they suck. My tub and toilet was not working properly (overfloading) and they did not come to fix it because it was not an " Emergency" They said I could simply use the other bathroom (I had a two bathroom unit) My younger sons, take baths every night in that tub, and I did not want to use it. Plus I had family over visiting me, so it was a hassle to use only one bathroom. Every time we had a problem, it took forever for them to come and fix it. It was annoying. I locked me and my son out of the apartment at 9 pm. (I was nine months pregnant) I called them to come and open my door, but they wanted $25 dollars to come and open the door since it is after hours. Which I understand, but the problem, was they wanted cash or check, which I did not have either. I only had my credit card (which was inside the house at the time) They did not come and open the door, unless I had cash or check at the time of service. I had to wait for my husband to come home from duty at 1 am. When we moved out, we made sure (my husband and I cleaned for days) the unit was perfect. They charged us for a stain" in the carpet. I am a clean freak, and if my son ever spilled something, I would clean it as soon as possible, and also use the carpet cleaner. There were no stains in my carpet. We did the last walk before we resigned the keys and the management guy said " I wish all the residents were like you, it would make my job easy" Than yet, I get charged for "stains" I am waiting for someone to come from their vacation so I could talk to them about it. Don't throw your money away; the only thing I loved about the place was its location to the shops, park, and restaurants. The apartments service is crappy. There is no parking lot space (you only get one) Guest parking spaces are either full, or way to far. If you are military, you have to be careful, with breaking the lease. There is a $500 charge for breaking the lease, a $125 charge for repainting the walls (even if they do not needed it) and a $50 charge for cleaning the carpet (even if they do not needed) I am sure, it is more for non military families. Sorry this was long, but I hope I helped someone make the right decision, especially military.
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Shoreline Apartments

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