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Longview Apartments

13723 Lynn Street

Woodbridge, VA 22191



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TheRentmiester • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/26/2007
My girlfriend and I first learned about Longview from a couple of friends we had in high school who moved in before we did. Their townhouse was digusting and roach infested but to be fair they were three guys in their 20s who left food and trash and bongs out all over the place. They liked it well enough and it was cheap enough for my girlfriend and I so we decided to get a place there of our own.<br> <br>There are definately issues that might make people reluctant to live here. There's no pool and even the townhouses down come with washer and dryers, just the hookups. Management tries to do well but doesn't seem to have a real plan. Its taken months to complete the "guard house and gates" at the entrance to the neighborhood. The row of houses that burned down in July of '06 still haven't been completely rebuilt and it is now February '07. Not long ago they repainted the parking spaces and house numbers on the street only to completely pave over the new lines and numbers a couple of weeks later. Our cable line inside the house was faulty so Comcast had to run a line from the cable connection at the end of our row of houses to our storage shed through the kitchen and along the wall to the cable box. We got used to the orange cable wire running through the house, but that would be unacceptable to me if we had kids. I've only seen two roaches inside our house and that was back when we first moved in almost 11 months ago. I guess we're lucky to have clean neighbors on both sides of us. I did notice black box mouse traps outside some of the houses but I have never seen a mouse. <br> <br>Our neighbors aren't so bad. We have a military couple with two young kids on one side and we're not really sure who lives on the other side since we don't see them often and they're fairly quiet. The military couple sometimes plays country music really loud at night but my girlfriend and I have never complained because we play classic rock and other music just as loud sometimes. My girlfriend used to have a problem getting oggled by a group of guys who lived down the street and used to sit outside their house in lawn chairs and drink beer all day , but they got evicted (I never did see them go to work). <br>Maintenance is quick to fix most problems and they're nice and friendly when they do it. Management leaves notes on the doors when someone from maintenance will be coming inside your house to inspect the fire exstinguisher or heater. <br><br>The security was really good when we first moved in but it has become nonexistant the past 3 months or so. The cops are called maybe once or twice a month but I've never heard or seen anything going on in terms of crime.<br><br>All in all Longview has been a decent place to live. A three bedroom townhouse with utilities included for less than 1200 a month is pretty good for anyone just starting out. It will always have a soft spot in my heart since it was the first place my girlfriend and I lived alone together. Despite the bad things, I will always have fond memories of living here stumbling up to my house at 3am after a night drinking in Georgetown or Alexadria.
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Longview Apartments

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