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The Woolen Mill Apts.



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/21/2007
I have lived at the Woolen Mill for about 16 months. Once for a 6 month span, the other for a 12 month span. I fell in love with the building because it is a very unique place. An old mill, retrofitted into apartment living. However, like with most corporations looking to save a dollar, the building was poorly retrofitted. Walls are paper thin. If you have neighbors on either side, above or below you, I assure you...you will hear them. I've watched television at a reasonable volume only to be told by neighbors to turn it down. The studio apartment I lived in has two sliding doors. These windows were so poorly insulated, though they will tell you they are double-pane energy windows, don't believe a word of it. I had to go to Home Depot and buy my own insulation to make a good seal. Electric bills are unbelieveable. On average, even when turning heat low when leaving, and keeping it low when here, the average electric bill was $150-$210. Appliances are nothing special. I requested a new fridge and was denied. The fridge is 20 years old. I had to demand a new water heater (it was 18 years old) and a new toilet (it was 25 years old). The carpet has bubbles. I requested it be replaced and was told it was not a poor installation but rather because the concrete floor below was not done evenly. If this is the fact, again proof the building was very cheaply retrofitted. I strongly enjoyed using the health center. Busy at times, but the staff were very friendly, learned my name within weeks and I was able to stay in shape. The equipment could definitely use an upgrade, but it does what it has to do. This site says the building has airconditioning...I had to buy a 12,000BTU window unit, so I'm not sure that is accurate. Office staff tries to provide good service, I will grant them that, however I beleive them to be extremely incompetant and very hard to reach. They close the office without notice, and I found the only way I could ever reach them was via e-mail. Getting a reply took time. Whenever I went to speak with them or get a package, the office was closed. They do not hold specific hours. This is a major nuisance. They also are extremely kind while showing the units, but as soon as you sign...be prepared for a totally different side. Finally, be prepared for at least $30 increases in rent if you plan to renew. There is no appeciation either for renewing. There is no negotiating. I was told it was corporates doing (corporate apparently being The Shorline Corporation). Parking was a major problem during storms and when they reseal the lots. All that said, I strongly recommend this building if you plan to be here a year or less. If you want something more long-term, look to live somewhere with more competance in the office, nicer facilities, and better surroundings.
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The Woolen Mill Apts.

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