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Mallard Pointe At Riverbend



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/21/2007
I have lived at Mallard Pointe many years. I lived here when it was a nice place to live.<br>Ever since Horizon took over these apartments things go from bad to worse. First of all they take a lot of section 8 now. And they have some kind of contract with Seattle Mental Health to take mental patients for tenants. Now they take big dogs with dog doo all over the yards. Section 8's, mental patients, and I'm talking really big dogs. You got trashy people, crazy people, and big howling hounds for neighbors. When you got a hundred pound dog above ya and it barks and romps around all the time then you got loud noise, believe me.<br>I think that Horizon has a contract with Seattle Mental Health to hire mental patients for Mallard Pointe Staff too. The apartment manager is a hateful little twit. She doesn't care about anything or anyone, it's all about her. Her bad attitude with tenants has been reported to Horizon many times by a lot of tenants but Horizon keeps her on anyways. If you need maintenance they send you an old lady to do the work. It takes them days to get the old lady to answer a work order and then when she does she has no idea what she is doing. She's worthless and she's rude too. This place does have a serious ant problem and mold problem. The indoor pool area and hot tub sucks. The hot tub isn't hot, it's the lukewarm tub. The indoor pool and lukewarm (not hot) tub isn't very clean. Often they stink like a sewer and the water is cloudy in both. The outdoor pool is hardly ever opened in the summer anymore. The King County Health Dept. has come out many times and shut the lukewarm tub and pools down. They get things going right so the Health Dept. lets them reopen and then they go back to being dirty again. We got real high crime here. A lot of car thefts and car break ins. Some apartments break ins, a lot of times in the day time when people are at work. Tenants come home and their door is kicked in and their stuff gone. Call Auburn PD to ask about crime rates here before you rent. The Auburn PD is here a lot anymore on all kinds of calls. There is only one parking spot assigned per apartment. There is a few extra spaces that are always taken. Extra parking is on 45th street if you can find a spot there. The manager and staff here keeps putting these horrible stickers on tenants car windows that are a pain to get off. When there is nowhere to park and a tenant parks wherever they can they put the horrible stickers on your cars. <br>The water bills are high. You pay for other things besides water on the water bills, like metro fees of between $15. and $20. a month. As well as trash and sewer.<br>If you look up thebbb.org and Mallard Pointe Apartments on there, there was a complaint filed against them last 7/06 for trying to scam a tenant out of money. The tenant filed a bbb complaint and won the battle.<br>A lot of long time tenants like me are moving out. There is a big turnover here now. I certainly wouldn't recommend this place to anyone so long as Horizon runs it.
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Mallard Pointe At Riverbend

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