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Mallard Pointe At Riverbend



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hollis • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/25/2007
My opinion of the problems with the Mallard Pointe Apartments rests with the corporation that owns and manages the community. They don't seem to properly supervise the on site staff, mostly the manager. The name of this corporation is Horizon Realty Advisors located in Seattle, Washington (their contact information is found on yellowpages.com or their webpage at hracommunities.com).<br>My complaints about Mallard Pointe is as follows:<br>Only one assigned parking spot per apartment. Extra parking is very limited, and for a pretty high monthly rate, a tenant can rent a carport or garage. <br>The maintenance work I've had done has been incompetent. Just quick fixes that are done sloppy. Simple repairs often requires more than one work order to get it done right.<br>The buildings are getting older and things are falling apart. The walls are constructed thin and I hear my neighbors like they are in the next room, not the next apartment. I have a great deal of black colored mold in my apartment that I must constantly stay on top of. In the summer the ants are a big problem to deal with. They don't seem to respond long to extermination. A few weeks later they come right back. <br>The grounds are land mines of dog piles everywhere because we have a lot of dogs, they take large and small dogs. Most of these dog owners don't have enough respect to scoop after their dog.<br>I have some safety concerns based on some of the tenants they accept. There was a pretty good amount of crime here last summer and fall. It has quieted down lately but summer is coming again when crime goes back up in most places.<br>The recreation facilities, in particular the hot tub and indoor swimming pool, is often in an unsanitary condition and can be very unreliable at times. You never know when you go down to use them if they will be inoperable and/or closed for repairs.<br>I find my water/sewer/garbage bills that includes metro fees, ect. to be higher than I've ever paid anywhere else. The meters seem unreliable and sometimes my usage on my bills seems inconsistent to my water usage habits. <br>The office staff is friendly at night. The day office staff seems unorganized and often say things to tenants that contradicts reality and truthfulness. <br>I will be moving when my lease term is completed soon. I would not recommend any Horizon Realty Advisors Communities to anyone. I feel this Corporation is lacking in customer service as a top priority. I would grade them a D- or F for failure to keep tenants longterm. There is a great deal of turnover here.<br>I do fear that when I move out I could face all kinds of unfounded cleaning charges. In that case I do plan to use thebbb.org to file an online complaint against this Horizon Corporation asking for resolution. It wouldn't cost me anything to do that and wouldn't take much time to get online and fill out the complaint. The BBB complaint someone else made did seem to bring them a satisfactory resolution from this management. But if my thebbb.org complaint failed to resolve my grievance I would then proceed on to small claims court. Anyone can file a small claims court action themselves for a small court fee. Most small claims court judges rule in favor of tenants unless the landlord can show evidence of damages.
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Mallard Pointe At Riverbend

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