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Cedar Terrace Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/14/2002
The gripes: <br> <br>1) THIN FLOORS AND CELINGS. Not only do I hear everything that goes on above -AND- below, but the people below think it´s fun to call and complain. Frequently. <br> <br>2) Old appliances. REALLY old appliances. My microwave was obviously a prototype - HUGE and operated by a dial. My dishwasher, disposal, washing machine and dryer have all required service (and honestly should be replaced). <br> <br>3) General disrepair. These apartments may only be 20-25 years, but it shows. The deck is made from cheap plywood, the subfloor that lies under the cheapest carpet ever made sags, creaks, is coming up completely in some spots and has sink holes in others. The half wall that separates the kitchen from the dining area is held to the floor by 2 nails that will probably give way the next time I stumble into it at night. The interior "paint" choice is so matte that it looks as though it´s a coat of chalk dust spread on with a little water. The slightest touch from anything leaves a mark and it can´t be wiped clean without rubbing the paint off. What´s left of the popcorn celing has also been coated with this same lovely "paint." <br> <br>4) Maintenance. What I ask to get fixed rarely does on the first try. On some occasions I´ve had to call about the same problem two or three times, on others I´ve given up after a couple of calls and just made the repairs myself. When they actually DO what you ask, the work is generally of good quality, though. <br> <br>5) Rent increases seem to be higher than the average. I was extremely upset to see my rent raised from $1040 a month to $1080 a month last fall when rents everywhere else seemed to be dropping in the depressed rental market. <br> <br>The praise: <br> <br>1) Reasonably large. Nearly 1100 square feet for a 2 bedroom. I´ve seen a lot of 3 bedroom apartments that are only about 100 <br> <br>2) When I move I -will- miss the air conditioning. A lot. People that say that it doesn´t get hot enough to need A/C here are nuts. <br> <br>3) I actually like that the washer and dryer are outside on the deck. This places them outside at the opposite end of the apartment from the bedrooms so that doing laundry at night generally isn´t a problem and it leaves all the lint associated with laundry outdoors and not floating around inside.
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Cedar Terrace Apartments

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