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Newport Manor



Resident · 2012 - 2015
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Office Staff
I've lived here for about 3 years now and I can say my review is honestly great to trust. 1. Location is really great. Factoria Mall is just 5 min away, theres a Safeway, QFC, and other really great stores just up the street (like a 3 min drive), can drive to Renton in about 10 min. I405 is really close. Takes less than 5 min to go on south or north. 15 min to Bellevue Square, 25 min to Seattle, 20 mins to Seatac. Just generally close to a lot of places. 1A. Bus stop is right in front of the apartment. My apartment is right in front of the stop going south so we can hear the bus, but this isn't that big of a problem either. 240 is the bus that goes through here, I think it's really convenient if/when I need to ride the bus. 2. Our laundry unit is connected to 3 other apartments and each machine (wash & dry) is 2$ each (quarters only) so doing laundry can cost a lot of money sometimes. Also, you may have to wait to do laundry because your neighbor might be doing it. Sometimes a problem, but it's not too bad to deal with. 3. Lots of kids in these apartments so you'll hear them a lot. 4. Lots of dogs in these apartments too. Not much of a problem. 5. Landscaping people come maybe twice a month to trim the bushes and cut the grass. Never waters grass though so they die well in the summer. 6. Management never responds. We send them letters about having the washing machine fixed and how there's always problems with it, but they always take a while to actually fix it. Our first two years here management actually changed pretty often. We got like 4 new managers in a short amount of time. ALL suck at managing. Just that they don't address problems. Our windows and sliding door do not have nets. They STILL don't have nets. But I gave up to even ask. We're moving out soon anyways. Oh, also, fences here are crap. My neighbors almost has no fence. We had to get our fence fixed multiple times when we first moved in here. This we enforced because I have a small dog and he can prob squeeze out easily. They are wooden fences just nailed to each other, so...they fall apart easily. 7. They raised the rent to about $1650 about late 2014. We first rented them as $1450. I really don't know why they raised it. We have no extra special features here...so why did they raise it.... 8. Paying for heat and electricity is separate. So in the winter using the heater, its about 200$ a month. Pretty expensive especially with the increased rent. 9. My apartment has 3 rooms and 1.5 baths. Our downstairs is all wood floor and it gets dirty real easily. Our front door has a big space on the bottom (between door and floor), so cold air, bugs, and dirt enter real easily. Good thing my dad put a little rug there. But still really dirty, cold, and lots of bugs. 10. Good amount of space. 11. When I'm in the bathroom or in one of the rooms (that's next to my neighbors) I can hear murmuring or laughter or crying or singing. Again, not too bad. 12. Parking was fine up until now. Maybe about March 2015, more and more cars are parked here. It's really frustrating because we don't have many actual parking spaces. Sometimes I have to park on the street or near the dumpsters because my spots are taken. Pisses me of because I'm sure that not everyone that parks here lives here. Wish non-residence would park on the street and leave the parking spots for people that actually live here. 13. Really safe here, no car break ins whatsoever, no "thugs", can walk around late at night (but you know just still be careful because the world is...always unpredictable), rarely any robberies. If robberies were to happen it would be in the houses in the nearing neighborhoods. But then again, robberies almost never happen. 14. Overall...I would say this place isn't too bad. I mean I would live here again only if it was a little cheaper. Also, I just wish management paid more attention to us, but we can deal.
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Newport Manor

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