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Brookwood Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/30/2006
The inside of the apartments are very nice, but the outside of the apartments need a lot of work. Almost all of the upper walkways on the 3rd floor units are falling apart and droopy. Some construction type workers also came by about 3 months ago and riped off the wood covering on the pillars ouside our patio, we also noticed other patios are deteriorating. Rather than replacing the wood or fixing anything they just put some black fabric over the pillars and left them. I think this is because they will not be renewing leases because they will be selling all the units as condos once all tenants have moved out and they can start repairing them(and the townhouses above us in the same complex too).<br><br>When i asked the manager about renewing our lease for a few months she said no way because they are going to start repairs on our building first. That's fine and we understand, but it is the end of January, our lease is up in April, when are they going to start letting the tenants know their leases are not going to be renewed. I found only found out by reading it on a review. <br><br>Overall this was an okay place to live. Maintenance is very helpful and friendly, but the managers are very snobby and rude. The pool is awesome and is not packed all the time. The office moved into a townhouse about half way through us living here (didn't make sense), and since then I don't know what has become of the fitness equipment/center?? We never had to deal with noise, but we didn't have a ton of neighbors when we moved in, and now we have almost none in our building. Parking has been a mess at times, but now that a lot of people are gone it's not as bad. Guest parking is very limited and your guests will be ticketed $65 for using on of your assigned spots, even if it's not reported by you. <br><br>Overall we felt safe here, and felt safe having our son here. We would have stayed a couple more months until we purchased our home, but that was not possible so we will be moving twice this year. We would not have renewed another 6-12 month lease though and would not recommend the apartments to friends.
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Brookwood Apartment Homes

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