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Brookwood Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/04/2006
I moved into this complex becuase of a great rate back in 2004..now I know why it was so great. The management at Brookwood in Bothell are some of the rudest most ignorant people I have ever delt with. <br>I always kept copies of my rent reciepts, and every month they would harass me about not paying rent..I would take my usual walk into the renting office and show documentation. Their office times are a joke, they put up a 1 hour 'I'll be back' sign, and wont show up for 3 hours later, they just aren't there, they are money hungry snobs who don't care about you.<br><br>Parking...If you want a place where your friends wont come visit you, rent here...Honestly, there is no parking available for friend and family aside from the strip by the office....I can't count the number of times I've gotten off of work, drove 45 mins in traffic to my unit and see someone elses vehicle in my parking space...I have many many pictures of cars that have been towed. I don't hesitate for a minute to tow someone from there.<br>I even got a parking ticket for parking in my own spot after they hired a company from seattle to 'patrol' the parking lot. I called brookwood, explained the situation, and they brushed me off and told me to call the company that issued the ticket...No accountability what so ever.<br><br>The units are in aweful shape, you will see new exterior construction to patch up the rotting wood and broken staircases. Do not let this fool you. They are doing nothing to the interiors of the units. Instead they are selling out as privately owned units which they tried to pawn off to me as a renter. For the price of the P.O.S. unit I was in they wanted an absurd amount of money, saying it was a discount. I could have taken the same money and bought a nice 2 - 3 bedroom home in the area..they are spineless worms..<br><br>If you are moving to the area or looking to rent in the bothell mill creek area, stay away from this place...further up the road there are condos and townhouses that are 100 times better than these P.O.S units. They are larger, well taken care of, and staff is great. <br><br>NO FOR BROOKWOOD and their snobby parent company Shurco. Stay away!
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Brookwood Apartment Homes

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