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Canyon Pointe Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/22/2005
Parking: We both broke down and bought $30 a month carports because parking (on this side) sucks. Our guests usually have to park by the office and walk. At first from time to time people would take our carports! That would really tick me off! I'd pay to have it be there for me, and someone would be in it. The office wouldn't tow their cars either. They just put a sticky note on it in the morning. (but by that time, the damage was done, and they were gone.) eventually people learned those spots weren't "free" anymore. <br><br>Location & noise: My roommate and I were lucky enough to get a ground-corner apt. Our only neighbors are above. We can be noisy, and can't really hear anyone else. Although we can hear our upstairs neighbor vacuuming, and her dog out on the deck sometimes.<br><br>Grounds: I think the place is beautiful! Our porch overlooks the mini-forest and little lawn, it's very pretty. We all feed the adorable squirrels, and see buejays often. they do a nice job of keeping the place up. Sometimes it sucks to hear the leaf blower, once a week, but they do our entryway, which looks nicer and we track less in. <br><br>Safety: good lighting all over, and shrubs are trimmed back. (I wish the outdoor lights weren't florescent, though, I wish they had a softer yellow glow instead, oh well.) rent-a-cops patrol the area every night. It's good to see them around. I feel very safe here. nice neighbors all over. But I guess we had a "peeping tom" incident a few months back. I never saw him, but the neighbors warned us. The cops were keeping taps too, I think he hung around for awhile then moved on. I still feel safe here though. I really don't think it was that big of a deal. <br><br>Construction: We fell in love with our kitchen! It's big and open and has beautiful lighting. Very homey, and relaxing, but bright. We have a huge bathroom too, enough for 2, yes, 2 Girls! The carpets look nice, we recently got a new dishwasher. I hate the single sink though. It sucks to try and rinse the soapy dishes, (if doing a few by hand) and it sucks to try and make space in, to fill the Brita. We deal. Our apt seems well kept. The wood isn't damaged, etc. <br><br>Maintenance: Oh the good ol' maintenance boys! we know them well. they come a running when we'd call. They'll fix anything here. They even changed our kitchen light bulbs for free. They are good people. BUT!!! the "permission to enter" thing sucks. I don't know how many times I woke up to and man's voice hollering "maintenance!" in my living room. I didn't ever hear them knock. ( they do, though, and loudly) I worked graveyards, for the sleeping during the day thing. One time they came in the house when my roommate was in the shower. They politely waited outside when they noticed the water running. But they also walked in on me sleeping when they came to check the water heater. that sucked. I woke up to someone saying "whoa" (like oops) and he quickly shut the door. I think this wouldn't be a problem if I didn't shower/sleep in the middle of the day. They are really respectable people. Plus you can deadbolt them out with the 2nd one if you need to.<br><br>The Staff: They charged me a $70 late fee, I handed her the rent check at the same time she handed me the late fee. We just forget. We've always paid on time, and wouldn't cut us a break. the office staff is just okay. they are very professional. maybe a little stuck up. We don't really deal with them much, except to call maintenance. they are very down to business, and busy. The person that rented us our apt was the MOST annoying girl I have ever met in my life! she had this horrible high pitched voice, and she would NOT shut up!! We'd ask a simple question and she'd give these insanely long answers that didn't come close to answering us!! She is gone now. Thank You!!!! everyone else is fine, but acts fake most of the time. <br><br>Overall: We have a 24hour hot tub and weight room, very cool! I like our little 2 Bdrm, we only pay $405 each including our carport, and I'm really happy with the place. After a year they would have raised our rent a lot, but be signed another years lease and only raised it 25 bucks. (12.50 each, not bad) I'd rent here again. I hope we'll have as good of luck next time. <br><br>PS We havn't moved out yet, sounds like some unexpected charges might come our way, I hope not... <br><br>
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Canyon Pointe Apartments

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