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anony--us • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2007
I've now lived here a year and a half. When I first moved in all looked well but i quicklybecame aware of how horrid this place is. We arent on section 8 and we do pay the full amount for our apt. My husband works hard to provide for our family. ------- is a totaly ----- and really could careless about the needs of the residents. She was hired on to clean up this place but needless to say she has befriended the drug addicts. That is until her husband comes home and she has to dump her habit and evict those who shes been bribing with free rent for drugs. There is so many problems with the kids running rampid through out the community and I wont blame it onto people who are on section 8 nor dshs but i will blame it onto the neglective parents. I have called so many parents out on teh carpet for the actions of their kids. My kids are no exception.. they arent perfect but they know what i expect. The 1 dumpster for approx 250 untils is rediculious. and its on one side of the complex.. it is quite gheto when cars are pulling up with the hiphop rap music as loud as the sterios will play it and garbage stacked ontop their cars to dump it. It looks like they dont take it out but once a week.. and the playground is on the other end of the complex. needles and crack pipes.. lighters and pot... drug deals and puke .. crap and urine has been found in the play area that is meant for our wee little ones to play in. ( my kids had been forbidden to play there) Sadly as it is.. they are almost safer playing in teh streets then in the play area. The Maintance staff for the most part is good.. ---- is incredable ( but sadly he is leaving) and When allowed -- does a wonderful job on keeping the grounds up.. the other guy is as lazy as a bum on the street corner holding a sign asking for a handout. The pool is often close for no paticular reason and no one under the age of 18 is allowed in the clubhouse for any reason without getting yelled at. My kids have gone in to use the restroom because its been closer then coming home and gotten yelled at. The website for this place said that they would have cookies and juice and homework help for the kids after school... im yet to see it...it says there is a be basket ball courts and movie theaters for the kids to use but the teenagers have ruined those for everyone. a few nights ago the cops showed up and told everyone to get back in the house.. why? there was a guy running about with a pistel... the weekend we moved in a crack head fell off the 4th floor trying to get out of her house to meet her pimp.. a few weeks ago the cops were called again for a gang related fight involving guns. the office staff.. --------------- are ----- feet.. they dont even know the rules to the complex... whenever there has been an emergancy they have no idea what to do.. they run around with their heads cut off.. u ask them somethign bout your lease and they cant answere it. A friends apt was broken into thru a rip in teh screen a few weeks ago and the bedroom was egged.. she reported it to the cops and then the complex wanted her to pay to have her screens replaced... SHE WAS THE VICTUM.. cars are stoeln from here all the time.. police, aide, and fire units are here atleast once a day.. the school bus route that serviced the complex had to be split up last year because there is so much strife and hatered between the kids and parents here. You see adults in teh parking lots fighting like little kids all the time. If you like ALOT of drama in your life them you have come to the right place.. but I'm ashamed to call this place my home. I've had friends look into moving here and I've begged them not to.. its bad enought that we cant afford to move from here but I will do what i can to keep my friends from moving here too. Between the fbi, dea, imagration, local police.. county sheriffs and fire and rescue you would think this place is secure but in fact its terrifying.... please please please dont fall victum to this place.... * sighs* .. happy hunting for a better apartment.
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