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Park 212



Resident · 2013
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I practically wrote an essay on why I won't be leasing here again, but for the reader's sake, I felt I should include all my issues. I numbered it to make it easier to tackle, but if you're a prospective tenant, I suggest reading this monster in its entirety. There's a TL;DR at the end for you impatient peoples. 1) The noise. Dear Jesus, the noise. I hear mere conversations through my walls and floors, let alone when neighbors are up late playing obnoxious music and television. The lease claims to tolerate no noise after 10PM; it's one reason I leased here. I have to wake up early. But I've learned that rule is more of a tease to lure in unsuspecting tenants. The office does try to keep a tab on things, but the tenants are simply unruly, inconsiderate, and miserable to live with. Unless you plan on staying up all night and making your own noise, you won't get decent sleep here. Like....at all. Unless you luck out somehow. 2) The smoke. SO MUCH SMOKE. I absolutely abhor smoke, cigarettes and pot. So let me tell you about my experience. And it's the honest to goodness truth. When my neighbors are really smokin' the reefer in their home, it backs up the bathroom vent and begins pouring into my own apartment. I kid you not. So I occasionally have to deal with my neighbor's pot smoke in my own home. The home I'm paying for. And there has been more than one occasion where I stepped onto my porch and the air was saturated with it. That, and just about every other tenant here smokes something. I cannot leave my windows open because of how often the other neighbors are out there smoking on the porches. It all wafts into my home and then I can't get it out. I've had to leave my home for hours at times so it will have settled. Mighty unreasonable when I'm paying almost $1000 a month to live here. So I can't leave windows open either. And depending on your building, sometimes the hallway will stink of it. I hate it. EDIT: Today I discovered that heavy rain makes water pool on the floor, INSIDE my apartment, at the porch door. So smoke and water can come in through the poorly constructed openings in your apartment. Or at least mine. 3)A couple months ago, I began finding bugs in my kitchen. I have thoroughly inspected all of my food products and cabinets, gotten on my hands and knees, grabbed a flashlight, inspected every cabinet, every crevice, every drawer, every food item. I left no stone unturned. I have no clue where they're coming from, but it's not my food. They aren't even near my food. They're on the other side of the kitchen. They keep appearing in my pots/pans cabinet. The Terminix man was of absolutely no help. He didn't ask question, come see for himself, or anything. He just called me and told me what to do. (What I'd already done.) Didn't even let me get a word in edgewise. So if you start finding bugs in your home, you're on your own. I'm sorry for whoever gets this room after me. But the bugs aren't my doing. They're just part of the apartment. EDIT: I've begun finding the bugs in the hallway closet and the bathroom. And still nowhere near the food in the kitchen. It's this flippin' apartment; not anything I've done. 4) Parking lots. In the short time I've been here, I've personally seen the aftermath of a car broken into, someone was victim to an attempted armed robbery, and there's been a drug bust. Those are the main points I know. The parking is ample, sure, but at least where I live, the lighting is very poor at night. No wonder there are issues. 5) The minor things now. My stove top isn't even level. That's only a little irritating sometimes. There was mold on the window when I moved in. The closet door was half off its hinges. The fridge was still icky enough that I had to clean it again. In the last couple months, there have been two power outages. That's not Park 212's fault, but it's something to consider about the location. Speaking of location. 6) Location. Right beside a medical center. I live by the main road, so I hear sirens every day. Sometimes it's loud, sometimes it isn't. It's luck of the draw. But the construction place right across the street. They can be loud. Many loud trucks. And the Park n' Ride right beside us. I think the only issue that gives us is minimal traffic. So location isn't that bad. 7) Management. I don't know what other people's experiences have been with management, but I have to admit, they've always been willing to work with me. When I have maintenance issues, it's dealt with quickly and is fixed for good. When I have noise complaints, they take care of it. (But the tenants they contact forget the next day. That's my noise problem. It's not management refusing to attend to it.) So honestly, regardless of what whoever else says, I personally have to hand it to management. The people here are miserable to deal with, and they're at least trying. I can't say it's going well, but at least they keep busy. I've heard and read many negative things about them ...trying "unlawful" things. (Taking advantage of tenants' wallets.) But I haven't dealt with it myself. So I just can't say anything about it. Perhaps that'll change when I move out. I will definitely let you know. I can't wait to move out. Dear God, I just want a decent night's sleep. 8) One last note. I despise the way water is billed here. Basically, no one pays for just the water they use. The bill is totaled and split between the units, depending on how many people live in each apartment. And my neighbors frequently have guests over all night, for days at a time. So they're using tons of water and it just raises everyone's bill. You know, since guests aren't on their lease. Being charged for two people's water when you have 3-4 in your apartment isn't fair, and I think it's a poor system. I aim to live somewhere I'm only charged for the water I actually use. TL;DR: Don't move into Park 212 unless you plan to be up all night, smoking and making noise. They are all constants here are Park 212. The only variable in this equation is who's willing to put up with it. I still live here, unfortunately, but when I finally move out, I'll leave another final review. If you want quiet and normal people, don't move here.
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