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Park 212



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
Park 212 in Edmonds seemed like a safe and clean apartment community to live in at first couple of glances - according to appearance of property and what the leasing office told us about their property. Leasing staff was friendly and all smiles. I am now into my 3rd month of renting an apartment from Park 212 and I am completely disappointed and miserable living here at Park 212. We have multiple serious issues with living here and with our some of the most important issues not being resolved. One of our cars has been vandalized twice now! First time, was in the first couple weeks of us moving in when someone committed a hit and run to our parked vehicle. We made a police report and told management - it was unresolved. The second time was over this past weekend when we found the same car with a tire that was off of the rim and the air was out. We are constantly worrying and checking up on our cars! The first week or two of us moving in we had nasty loogies and cigarette butts being spat on our patio from people above us! We couldn't believe it. It took multiple communications with management to put a stop to it. It did finally stop. When we moved in our front door lock wasn't working properly and it was nearly impossible to lock and unlock the door - I'm talking it took anywhere from a couple to 10 minutes of us trying to wiggle the key to lock and unlock the door. How was this not noticed when the unit was being rented out? We were told the unit would be cleaned professionally prior to us moving in and I believe it was, but our bathtub looked extremely dirty and I pointed this out to the leasing agent who then told me the gunk just wouldn't come out. So we have a clean tub that looks ugly and dirty. This should have been replaced to at least match the updated look of the rest of the unit. From the day we moved in we were surprised how poorly insulated our unit is from units around us - we hear every move and conversation! We've hardly had any restful nights of sleep since we moved-in due to the loud noise from our neighbors. The noise is mainly coming from our upstairs neihgbor - some of the noise is a result of normal activities, but most of it is disturbing and after hours noises (after 10 PM: loud stomping, running, dropping, the playing of musical instuments, singing, singing and socializing outside right next to our bedroom window, late night visitors, loud talking and laughter, laundry machine running late at night, and etc.). I have made countless reports and complaints to the apartment management about the late night noise through which we cannot sleep through or awake to in the middle of the night. At first they were apologetic and expressed concern and willingness to put a stop to the noise disturbance - especially since the neighbor admitted to the noise, but then they just totally dropped the ball. The disturbing noise continues and we do not sleep through the night on most of the nights! There was a serious drug bust and arrest made by the Edmonds Police Department less than two weeks ago in my building - the police was there for a couple of hours trying to coax the criminals out of their top floor unit in our building. The lot was full of police vehicles, including a K9 unit. I approached one of the officers and asked if we were going to be safe that night and he replied that it would end soon. I also asked if it was a drug bust and he replied yes, but didn't elaborate.It's absolutely terrible living here and we want to move out as soon as possible. I am disappointed and surprised with the lack of action from management and Epic Asset Management as the parent company.
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Park 212

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