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Alister Parx

12102 4th Avenue West

Everett, WA 98204



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/27/2012
Crystal Cove is not pleasant. If you want to park you WILL have to rent a space for $30 a month. I was not aware of just how terrible the parking situation was until I moved in. There is a spot at the end of a row of parking spaces that is clearly marked that its not a parking spot but people still park there causing a problem trying to turn that corner. I have had to tow 2 people out of my spot and personally kick another one out. (I will say that it wasn't difficult to get the security to tow them). The noise is awful. I asked when I moved in to be put in a place as far away from the playground as possible and yet there are still kids that play behind the building in the parking lot all the way until 9:30-10:00pm. Yesterday I had to ask one of them to stop banging on the parking structure with a hammer after he had been doing it incessantly for 10 minutes. There is a neighbor behind the building that likes to play the stereo so loud while they are just sitting there that my bed (on the 3rd floor) vibrates from the bass. Earlier this week my downstairs neighbor was playing music with loud bass for over 7 hours and when I called the management after 4-5 hours they did nothing. Today I wake up at 8:25am to a maintenance worker tearing apart my neighbor's balcony. I work later in the evening and sleep until around 9:30. They had been waiting until at least 10am to start work but today they started before the office was even open... There are a lot of dogs here. There is an elderly lady with a dog that barks and barks when its out on the balcony. So kids playing down below screaming, dog barking at them, maintenance worker using power tools... so peaceful. Oh also a pit bull on the bottom floor of my building and since the dog was charging after kids (chained up) the tenant installed his own wire fence around his open patio. I've also found dog poop that was not picked up in the grass so I avoid walking in the grass. The inside pool... kids from other complexes are often seen walking into ours to use the pool. The trash... the trash is almost always full.
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Alister Parx

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