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Alister Parx

12102 4th Avenue West

Everett, WA 98204



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/13/2005
Renter beware!! while the office staff appears to be nice, and accommodating, there, ready and willing to assist you, that is only until you move in and then you are on your own. There are alot of children in this complex and the complex is convenient to schools but it is also convenient to the low life and drug dealers and people who don't go to work. I have to call the office daily about my neighbors parking in my parking space the office staff say will talk to them and have them move from your space but they never go over and it continues to happen day after day, if you want your space you have to go knocking on doors yourself. There are mutable adults living in one unit and the ones that that can't stay in the apartment sleep in their car in the parking lot. There are strange people lurking around when you leave your apartment. I don't think this complex screens new tenants very well, I think the most important thing to them is fill up the units. A month after I moved in someone broke into my apartment, if took the complex three weeks to put in a window, so my window was a board. I moved from that unit the next unit the people fought ALL the time, after months of months of this they finally got evicted. Then I got the new neighbors from HELL, they never ever sleep but stay up all night screaming, cursing they fight constantly the loud noise wakes me night after night, when you report it to the office they say oh well they will be moving soon, so what some other low life will take their place. The lady moans and groins during the early morning and early evening when people are out and about, no decrections with her sex life at all. The illegible drugs that are being used is done in the open, the loud music is awful. Unless you only plan to live here part time (1) day a week then I say don't lease here, you'll be sorry.<br>
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Alister Parx

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