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Office Staff
Ke7bo • Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2005
That statement not only relates to the office staff and maintenance guys but also the apartment in general.<br><br>***Pros***<br>1) They're nice *when* trying to get you to sign a lease or renewal.<br>2) The apartment I rent has large rooms and had newer carpet.<br>3) Comes with 1 parking space in the (at one time secure) parking garage.<br>4) Secured entance with callbox.<br><br>***Cons***<br>1) My fiance's car got broken into 3 times. Two broken windows and a missing stereo etc. Finally after the 3rd time they offered us a 2nd space in the parking garage, at 30$ extra a month. Then afterwards they had the gall to tell us the extra space should have been in a different building than ours. Thus she'd have to walk from one building to ours to get home. WTF!?<br>2) The security company they use (Horizon) does a terrible job. I had a noise complaint because my neighbor was playing games/partying/adult videos at all hours of the night. One night at 12am I called the security company. At 1am issue persisting, they still hadn't come so I called back. 1:30am I call and the sup says his guy was just there and that he'd met up with my neighbor in the elevator(?). A blatant lie. Finally at around 2:30am 2 of the toy cops showed up and finally knocked on his door. There have been other instances where my neigbors above were shooting fire crackers off their deck. Same type of response from security dept. When this was all reported to Camelot management, they really didn't care.<br>3) Office staff really doesn't care after you've signed the lease. Sure they'll act polite (a few of them), but don't expect them to actually do anything for you when you need answers.<br>4) Maintenance department is very lackluster. Took 4 visits and a flood in my kitchen before they finally *mostly* fixed a leak in the hot water line for my dishwasher. Had to use MY tools to do the job. Didn't turn off the electricity before laying in a 1" pool of water to do the job. SMART!<br>5) Most cabinetry is mis-measured and doesn't look professional. <br>6) Very small closets in the bedrooms.<br>7) Small kitchen with very little storage. Hope you don't have any small appliances or food to store. Choose one!<br>8) No lighting or overhead fans in bedrooms. Hope you can find a good position for 2-3 lamps.<br>9) Buildings and garage were at one time secure. Then they changed the keys to all entrances (posted signs at 8pm the night before lock changes). Now all buildings share the same keys. Staff didn't order enough keys so I had to wait 2 days for my second key. Good thing I had a garage door opener to get in to the building (the staff actually told me to use this method when I asked for my key. Nice!).<br>10) Very bad about having trash removed in a timely fashion. For a long time trash co. would come just once a week for 3 dumpsters for 3 large buildings. Very cheap of Camelot. They should pay for 2-3 pickups a week.<br> <br>
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Camelot Apartments

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