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Greens of Merrill Creek



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Office Staff
FireflySerenity • Resident 2004 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 02/18/2006
Hi : ) <br>Well, I would like to start by saying that I really miss Beth. She once worked in the office; was very courteous and always made you feel like she cared. <br>UNFORTUNATELY : The same can not be said for most of the current staff. There is a really scary looking girl, Amber, that pretty much runs the show. She is seriously lacking in anything resembling customer service skills and has often, blatantly, been rude to me. <br>Fortunately, I don't need to deal with the office too often, so I just try to stay away. So, if you can handle snotty staff, once in awhile, it's not a horrible problem. ; P<br>The grounds are usually kept, fairly well. And the maintenance staff is pretty nice. The office sometimes tends to lose work requests, and it may take a bit to get stuff fixed, but fortunately, things don't break, a lot. <br>I am glad to say that my neighbors are fairly quiet. The ones across the hall from me are a bit dirty, leaving trash outside, a lot. (Yes, you do get charged for that if you get caught, but the staff doesn't really make the rounds everywhere, I guess).<br>Sometimes, you hear a bit of noise from the stairwells at night. Mostly just people coming up and down, but can often sound like a herd of elephants.<br>The trash compactor is located in the back of the complex,... a LONG walk for those in the front. Most people just drive the trash around. It's not a super HUGE deal. HOWEVER, my biggest complaint is the piles of trash, which are often left all around and in front of the compactor. And very rarely is it due to the fact that the compactor is broken, ... mostly it's just that many of the people are really lazy, here. I mean, if you've already taken it that far, ... why not open the door and throw it on in!<br>And, although there are playgrounds for the wee ones, the somewhat older children have little to do. So, they tend to prefer hanging out in the roadways, and sometimes throw rocks at each other, which often hit the cars parked around them. <br>***OF course, the apartments themselves are fairly nice, and are quite decently priced. And for low income housing, it's a great place to live. I've never had an occasion to feel unsafe in the parking lots or my apartment. And it's world's better than anything on Casino!<br>So, if your a little tight on fundage, but are working your way up in the world, .....you may not want to stay for a long time, but it's certainly worth a short spell. <br>Happy Home Hunting!
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Greens of Merrill Creek

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