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Library Place



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
I lived at Library Place for 9 months. I was a quiet renter that never complained about a thing. The rent was on the expensive side being in Everett but it weeded out the population of people that I did not want to live with. Parking was an extra $60 a month for a garage space. The garage door was broken multiple times over the 9 months I lived there (it would be left open) which was frustrating due to the price I paid for a locked area for my car. Near the beginning of my lease the property manager emailed me stating I was violating my lease by having curtains up exterior to the blinds that were installed. We went around and around about this issue as there was nothing in the lease stating I was violating it. She finally agreed with me but asked me to change the set-up anyway, which I did. When my lease was up I decided to move out as I couldn't justify paying what they wanted me to for a renewal ($50 increase a month for 6-12 month lease, $100 increase a month for a 2-5 month lease, and $200 more a month for a month to month lease). Moving out was the biggest pain. One of the leasing agents made it nearly impossible to reserve the elevator for move out and made me feel like I was a complete inconvenience. I was to do a walk through of the apartment after move out with the maintance man and they did not want to make an appointment to do this and stated "just call the day you want to do it." They finally agreed to make an appointment but could not guarantee the maintance man would be available. On the day of my appointment he wasn't available due to a "doctor appointment" and the property manager completed the walk through. The property manager tried to charge me because there was a small amount of lint in the washer when I was told that cleaning would be included for free after I moved out. All in all, would I have recommended Library Place as a place to live? Yes. But never move out because that's when it gets bad. I feel like I was a consumer of their services and they failed to provide adequate customer service.
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Library Place

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