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Park At Dashpoint



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/16/2007
The management is going to know exactly who wrote this. Good. This is absolutely the worst environment I have ever lived in. Management allows people to dump garbage, raw sewage and dog crap and urine off their decks onto the decks below. They allow drunken parties where the revelers urinate and vomit off their deck to down below and to urinate and vomit in the stairwells. And it never gets cleaned up. It just sits there until the rain washes it away. The back of the buildings are a total slum. There is rubbish everywhere and dog crap wherever you step. The whole place smells like a dog kennel. On the lower floor, I have been urinated upon, vomited upon and the lowlife upstairs with a small apartment full of pit bulls tosses buckets of mopped up dog pee and poop over the railing. And management does NOTHING. If you want to catch giardia or salmonella, move here. If you like the smell of dog poop, move here. If you like to step over loose blowing rubbish on the way to your car, move here. If you like continually barking dogs and party noise all night long, move here. If you like living in a Third World type slum, move here. And as a bonus, your visitors get nowhere to park their car. Maintenance guys are good guys, but the management calls their shots and management is the worst and most uncaring I have ever seen. As soon as you unload your moving van and they got you suckered in, the trouble will start. Don't move here. Move to Somalia or Baghdad or Darfur instead. You will like it better there.
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Park At Dashpoint

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