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Pavilion Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/14/2005
These apartments may be gated but the gates don't work. They are either broke and stuck open, or stuck closed. But look on the bright side, if they are stuck open you can get out of your car and pull the gate open. And the others are all chained now. They got new managment in the place, but it is worse than the managment before. You can't get any work done around the place or in the apartment. The grass is dead in alot of spots because of the kids messing with them and the managment will not fix them. They put up big flood lights around the buildings because of kids peeking in windows, but I still see see them peek in the windows. If you call security it takes them over an hour to get here, by that time they are gone. The kids under 18 have to be in by a certain time, but they still shoot the fireworks off in the complex. The managment threatend to kick poeple out for setting off fireworks, but they just ignore them. Our car got vandalized 3 days after we got brought it home from the dealership. Some kids stole the front liscence plate and egged it. Every month the water bill goes up more and more. Loud parties all around us going at all hours of the night. <br>I do not recommend these apartments to anyone. I tell my friends and family to not come here if they like there cars, we will go see you. <br>We stayed at Cove apartments before this and the only thing bad about that place was that it was too dark with all the trees around. I wish we would have stayed there.<br>AGAIN DO NOT RENT FROM HERE!! It is a wast of time and money.
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Pavilion Apartment Homes

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