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Village at the Lake Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/06/2005
My experience has been for the last 3 years the place was okay but just okay. Never the top of the line fancy place but cheap and nice for the money. Office staff was friendly and caring. Maintenance guys were the greatest, I know they even would take trash out for elderly and disabled residents. The office was always professional. I saw the cops there alot and when I asked the office they told me they were patroling the property for them as added security and to control druggies from doing business there. I felt better, I even talked to a cop one night who told me the manager had joined some anti crime thing. Okay then for some reason they got rid of her and the maintenance guys and put these snotty, uptight slum lords in the office. They wore nice clothes to work but they didnt feel the need to pick up any trash in the parking lot. Cars are broke down everywhere gangs are starting to take over the place and I never see anybody doing anything outside.If you need a place to sit just take your pick of some of the old couches that take up parking space for weeks at a time. I used to see the manager walking around picking up garbage herself sometimes. I saw the maintenance guys out at night driving around and you dont see that anymore. Tow trucks used to be loud and annoy me but at least old management didnt let abandoned cars sit all over the place. Living in this part of town you have to expect some sort of drama but things were okay here until they got rid of the old management. I am moving as soon as my leas is up.
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Village at the Lake Apartments

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