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Chopaka Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/31/2002
Do not move here unless you are ok with unsupervised children playing, and screeching at the top of their lungs in the parking lot. It make´s me and other tenants here uncomfortable with children playing in the parking lot. I guess someone has to get hurt before they will get told to stop playing in the parking lot. Honking at a kid driving their bike right at your car does no good. You get a smart aleck look from them, and complaining to their parents is no good. They learned this behavior from their parents. The parents of these kids are always drunk, and have no idea what they are doing all day. Drunk neighbors, sounds like a great place huh? <sarcasm> Be sure and watch out where you step on the sidewalks; one of my neighbors peed on the sidewalk while talking on a cell phone at 2am. It is ok to have pets here, but they have to be on a leash. Ever try to put a leash on a cat? No cats are allowed outside at all. But, the repairman (who lives on site), is allowed to have his cats run all over the place. The dufus only spays his female cats because he thinks that is all that is necessary. There are people in the place who are not smart enough to even get any of their cats fixed. This means that it can still be a problem. Male cats that are not fixed pee everywhere, and can be a major nuisance! Fix both female and male pets! Ugh! The repairman is also allowed to have tons of junk sitting outside of his apartment door, and back patio. The rule is that no one can have anything sitting outside of their front door. Only patio furniture and a grill can be on your back patio. I guess the rules do not apply to him. He also doesn´t like fixing anything here. He seems to prefer fixing things at friends apartments on site. He seems to prefer people of his same heritage also. Discrimination is illegal, but he doesn´t seem to know that. He doesn´t seem very intelligent. It shows in his work. That is, if you can get him to come to your apartment and fix something. He seems to prefer standing outside all day talking to his friends. Management seems to allow this. I have waited five months and counting for him to fix something in my apartment. The noise levels here vary. People drive through the parking lot at night with their music blasting. Management does not provide handicapped parking outside of my building. That is illegal.
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Chopaka Apartments

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